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Presidential Election 2024: 11/5/24- Democracy Dies or Survives


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1 hour ago, Califan007 The Constipated said:




Still not sure how and why this clown hasn’t caught more charges, especially with how many times he’s been recorded.  

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When Trump talks about how he did so much for black Americans.  Biden should throw Juneteenth in his face. 


"If you are such a staunch supporter or black Americans, why didn't you recognize Juneteeth?  Because you are all BS and no action."

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23 minutes ago, BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen said:

Problem is that MAGA doesn't even see this stuff, and wouldn't be persuaded even if they did ...but definitely keep doing it to sway independents.


They aren't the audience. It's the swing voters (how the **** are there any?) and folks who may or may not vote. Need to motivate them both into feeling like a vote against Don is a vote for their own self interest. 

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