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Presidential Election 2024: 11/5/24- Democracy Dies or Survives


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Interesting Salon article:


Salon: Trump is hiding his fascist plans in plain sight  

Click Above link for full article.


>>>>Trump's nightmarish scheme was leaked to the New York Times — and yes, it was on purpose


Watching cable news is a frequent source of despair, but one especially fraught spiral occurred Monday while subjecting myself to "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. The segment guest was Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of the Atlantic, who was promoting his magazine's thorough, frightening and entirely accurate warning that Donald Trump's goal is to end American democracy and replace it with a fascist system. A variety of Atlantic journalists from across the political spectrum contributed with heavily researched and smart analysis laying out Trump's agenda of ending the rule of law, using extra-legal violence to suppress dissent and securing his power so thoroughly voters will be unable to remove him peacefully. 

There's been a surge of such reporting in recent weeks, from some of the most reputable publications in the country. On Monday, the New York Times published a lengthy exposé of Trump's long history of admiring authoritarian dictators, even ones who use murder to silence opponents. This follows another investigation into the ominously named "Project 2025," created by a team of very smart but evil people who want to dismantle democracy and are working through the details of how to pull it off. The Washington Post has even tried to draw attention to Trump's plans through listicles that use bold fonts and short paragraphs, so even the drunkest uncle could probably read it — if he wanted to.  <<<<

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I couldn't endure listening to the debate beyond DeSantis and Haley's electability rants. It was bad enough hearing them, I didn't want to hear how Vivek could outdo them. But one takeaway from it, I think DeSantis could do a mean robot dance. The way his head kept bobbing every couple of seconds was mesmerizing.

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sounds like Desantis had another terrible showing. If he were a threat to any of the others on stage, they might have started asking him what he's doing with his face.


"Ron? Is that a smile or are you gassy? You're near-human expressions need work"

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Just now, Fergasun said:

You should be able to name the Ukrainian provinces if you claim foreign policy bonafides.


Really?  That seems like some trivia, to me.  


I'd respect somebody who can name the countries it borders.  (I can't.)  


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1 hour ago, hail2skins said:

I'm half convinced Vivek is on stage to make Trump look better by comparison. What an ass he is.


Pretty sure most of them are trying to peel the asshole vote away from Trump.  


Although I'm pretty sure that DeSantis' asshole is genuine.  



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Have as a friend or neighbor:

Biden 55% Trump 45% .


Have as a boss:

Biden 54% Trump 46% . 


Have as your children's teacher:

Biden 55% Trump 45% .


Invite to a New Years Eve party at your house:

Trump 52% (+4) Biden 48% .


Have over for Thanksgiving dinner:

Biden 52% Trump 48%

I'd pick Biden for all of these days he seems like a normal enough guy. I can see why folks would pick Trump at a party but his **** would get old real fast. No way I'm inviting an asshole to my own party.

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