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New Stadium News?


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For months there’s been rampant speculation where a new stadium could emerge and the news about the Woodbridge site takes the first real step toward a move away from FedEx Field in Landover, Md., the team's home since 1997. 

The Commanders are locked into a land lease at their current stadium through the 2027 season, but considering the scope of a stadium construction project, sources involved in the proceedings made clear the Commanders want to get negotiations moving. 

ESPN first reported the new land deal in Prince William County. 

After speaking with multiple sources Monday, it’s been repeated that the Woodbridge site does not constitute a finalized plan. Much will be determined by how much cash the Virginia legislature comes up with for stadium construction. A new budget for the Commonwealth is expected soon, perhaps as soon as the next week, NBC Sports Washington was told. 

Once Virginia commits cash to the project, sources close to the situation believe Prince William County officials could also commit public funding. At that point things would become much more real. 


Don’t count out the incumbent site of FedEx Field either, though. 

Prince George’s County, Md. officials have been open about their desire to keep the team playing in their jurisdiction and there are already significant development plans from the “Blue Line Corridor” where a new stadium could serve as an anchor. 


Maryland has committed $400 million for that development but Governor Larry Hogan has been adamant that the public money is not to be used for a new stadium. One source close to the situation said county officials remain motivated to keep the team but don’t want to be used as leverage for other jurisdictions.

Then there’s D.C., and a return to the RFK Stadium site, which was the team's home for 35 years after it opened in 1961.

While that’s the number one option for seemingly every Commanders fan, it remains the longest shot, according to sources. Not only would the site limit the ability for massive development surrounding the stadium, but there’s also the hurdle of working with both the federal government -- RFK sits on leased federal land -- and the District government. 

Of a return to RFK, one source said, “it’s not dead but it’s not close.”

It is relatively common for cities, counties and states to help fund new stadiums for professional sports franchises. It doesn't always happen. Capital One Arena in downtown Washington was privately financed by the late Abe Pollin, longtime owner of the NBA's Wizards and NHL's Capitals. SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles was a $5 billion project financed by Rams owner Stan Kroenke that opened in 2020.

The NFL's Buffalo Bills, meanwhile, settled on a public-private partnership with New York State and Erie County, N.Y. in March for a $1.4 billion stadium

Building a new stadium for the Commanders will eventually land as a multi-billion dollar project. There will be multiple steps along the way, however, and likely a few hurt feelings between competing communities.

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The other owners really need to hurry up and give him the boot.  He’s already ruined the new name and re-brand.  Please don’t let him ruin the stadium/location as well.


It just feels so fitting that this is the realest him getting booted has ever felt, all the while so many pivotal actions are in play.  The guy gets absolutely nothing right and here he is making decisions that will last most likely the rest of my life.


Its truly remarkable just how badly and quickly he cratered this franchise.  



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4 hours ago, Est.1974 said:

Clearly not from the area, but my guess would be that a stadium build project would include significant investment in surrounding infrastructure and transportation links.

Born and raised in Gaithersburg, MD. Lived in the area my whole life. The “significant investment” in infrastructure needed for this to work is in the billions and VA already said they are looking to spend no more than $350 million 

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The Washington Commanders recently acquired the right to purchase land in Woodbridge, Va., as a potential site for its new stadium, state Sen. Scott A. Surovell (D-Fairfax) said he was told Monday by a lobbyist for the team.


Earlier, a person familiar with the team’s plans said the Commanders had actually purchased the land. But Surovell, whose district includes the potential site in Prince William, said one of the team’s Richmond-based lobbyists called him Monday after ESPN broke news of a deal and told him the team had not yet bought the land in Woodbridge, near Potomac Mills. The team has an option-to-purchase agreement to buy it, Surovell said.

A person familiar with the team’s venue plans said the deal was an option to purchase about 200 acres of land for about $100 million.


If the Commanders build a stadium in Woodbridge, it would be about 23 miles from the U.S. Capitol building. This would be nearly double the 11-mile distance from the U.S. Capitol to the team’s current stadium, FedEx Field in Landover, Md., and the third-farthest distance from a city center to a stadium in the National Football League behind San Francisco (42 miles) and New England (28).


A Commanders spokesman declined to comment Monday. Earlier that morning, before the news broke, team president Jason Wright declined to comment on the state of the team’s stadium search.

“Everything is incredibly confidential,” Wright said in an interview. “The way that we have always endeavored to do business with partners — Maryland, Virginia or D.C. — is to treat this as their project, their economic development strategy and to keep everything as quiet as possible so that those aims they have are most able to be accomplished.”


The Commanders’ agreement, while a signal that the franchise is serious about Woodbridge, doesn’t mean the move is a done deal. The team’s stadium search has seemingly narrowed to five sites — Woodbridge; near Potomac Shores Golf Club in Dumfries, Va.; a quarry near Dulles International Airport in Sterling, Va.; RFK Stadium in Washington; and a site near FedEx Field — and the deal in Virginia could ultimately be a negotiating tactic.

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Ashburn route 28 area is where it makes the most since.  So many ways to get there from so many places.  Most MD. fans are in the 301 area Mont. Fred and  PG they would have access 270 south to 495, many exits after crossing the river also whites ferry, or 15 point of rocks to leesburg.  Frederick County 15 at point of rocks to 7 , cross Potomac at Brunswick to 7 or 270 south. Charlestown WV area has a lot of Redskins fans , they would take 7 on in or 340 to 270. VA DC so many exits off beltway depending where you are. 95 south also, 95 north for Richmond, Metro to Dulles , greenway.  nice area for commercial.  Dulless airport.  

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6 hours ago, SoCalSkins said:

The stadium itself looks pretty nice. They used the same firm that did the previous design with the moat. BIG is the architectural firm. They have some really nice designs in other projects.




It looks like a big burgundy and gold toilet seat to me.


Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. 


On the plus side it's certainly user friendly for trolls and opposing fans, as  the Washington Commode easily becomes the "butt" of their jokes.


NOTE: Haven't read the whole thread yet so if someone else came up with the same or similar observation consider this proof that imitation is the sincerest firm of flattery.



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Option to buy huh.


Here's my take.


1. Saturday night story comes out that several owners want Snyder out and are actively counting votes.


2. Sunday morning at dawn Snyder sacrifices a rooster and calls an emergency meeting of his chief henchman in his secret evil villain lair.


Then he sings to them...

I gotta flim flam 'em

I gotta bamboozle.

I gotta distract 'em

with the old razzle doozle.


I'll take an option-

Mere pennies on the dime.

And the team-

Will stay mine for all time.


Give 'em bright lights

Til their eyes are off the prize.

Then pick their pockets

and walk away in disguise.




And then they obediently scurry off to do their master's bidding.






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