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  1. Washington Pikas My pokemon obsessed kids might actually like football then (Pikachu) ... ton's of branding options. this is a Pika Washington Spider Monkeys
  2. Cleveland should have piggybacked off of the Cleveland Cavaliers and went with the Cleveland Cavapoos imagine the mascot.
  3. ok, the Guardians name is bleh/bad.... but the branding/creative is atrocious. they need to send that back to the designer for revisions
  4. Washington Watergates or to make it more fun, Washington Watergaters (gater mascot) Washington Rioters
  5. i think one of main criticisms for warthogs is that the female fanbase would not want anything to do with Hogs and they probably wouldn't want any warts also.
  6. it was better when i just needed YouTube TV and FakeGPS... but seems as though YTTV stopped using GPS for determining where you're at... i think i can use a VPN and trick YTTV regarding my location, but I'm glad i found Locast.
  7. Locast app + gps spoofer app (FakeGPS on Android) and you can watch local channels of any city in US where Locast has service. Watched all games last year from NC without problem.
  8. we could go with Golden Wolves
  9. maybe we'll be the 1st sports team in history to have 2 names Football Team Washington < Wolves/Redwolves or we'll just go by Washington _____________ and you get to fill in your own name.
  10. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/washington/2021/06/19/washington-football-team-trademark-wft-rejected-patent-office/7753752002/ Washington Football Team trademark request in jeopardy after patent ruling
  11. and the perfect branding right here (and no offense to Cooley, but this is the original Captain Chaos)
  12. So my old high school just announced today they finally picked a new name. We were once the Gar-Field Indians are now officially the Gar-Field Red Wolves.
  13. DC Dingo Warriors? The Dingo Warrior
  14. only 3 dome teams have ever won the super bowl and none in like 10+ years.
  15. i see what you did there... clever... dan is the short straw.
  16. it's tough to beat that level of badness... i think we should all tell Leonsis how offended we are by the name Wizards and force him to change the name back to the Bullets. I'd even take a new name over the Wizards.... i just call them the Zards or still cling to my past and call them the Bullets.
  17. Will Misselbrook, Chief Creative and Digital Officer. but i thought they were avoiding all native american naming and imagery?? Chief?
  18. didn't stop people from the stupid association to DC gun violence.
  19. just saw this... so tragic and so young. RIP Colt.
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