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  1. Will Misselbrook, Chief Creative and Digital Officer. but i thought they were avoiding all native american naming and imagery?? Chief?
  2. didn't stop people from the stupid association to DC gun violence.
  3. just saw this... so tragic and so young. RIP Colt.
  4. So, my my middle school was the Woodbridge Seminoles and my High School was the Gar-Field Indians. Recently Gar-Field has also decided to rename/rebrand and these are the options they are voting on. (these are the previous school colors... and they are trying to maintain Red because they also went by the nickname Big Red when I was there.) these were the original Indians uniforms (arrow on helmet) I am pretty sure my Middle School is changing also. And my Elementary was not a Native American theme, but someone found Cougars offensive so they changed it to the Cardinals. Also my
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