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  1. how do we know its not a case of false positives? also from this weekend https://sports.yahoo.com/houston-texans-false-positive-coronavirus-covid19-tests-pittsburgh-steelers-235910984.html and from last month https://sports.yahoo.com/nf-ls-high-volume-of-covid-19-cases-confirmed-to-be-false-positives-after-retesting-140137530.html i am assuming the Titans retested to confirm?
  2. Kyler will run circles around that Dallas defense.
  3. a WANT is completely different than the ABILITY TO run the football.
  4. So Haskins in on pace for 280-512 for 3208 yards 16 TDs and 0 INTs. not a bad (basically) rookie year.
  5. wondering if anyone got this ever? I am interested from a historical perspective with all the old articles i grew up reading... but i am a bit torn as TWP is my current employer and also was a driving force for the name change.
  6. just a camp body, but at least he has something to work with.
  7. Well that sucks on a football level and a human level.
  8. the typography is not very well done here... not the worst, but at least this should be flawless from a pro football team... even if it is temporary.
  9. i've sold 2 domains for almost $40k in last 5 years... but they were domains i was actively using or planning on using, but someone solicited me for them.
  10. looks like the original dcsentinels.com expired and was dropped on 07/16/11 and the domain at some point was renewed... but then expired again on 6/14/14. INTERESTING... on the SAME DAY that DCSentinels.com expired and was dropped... 2 more similar domains expired and were dropped. sentinelsnfl.com and nflsentinels.com look here and search on page for "sentinels" https://justdropped.com/drops/061414com.html also, i am for hire if anyone wants to find anything online.
  11. ALSO, the domain was first used in 2011. Here is a archive.org link for February 2011 with broken flash plugin icon and this text "Move along..." https://web.archive.org/web/20110202112413/http://dcsentinels.com/ Here is a archive.org link for 2013 with a godaddy park page https://web.archive.org/web/20130525220337/http://dcsentinels.com/ The domain could have expired and been reregistered in 2019 or it could have been owned by someone and then purchased. and the broken flash player was linked to this Youtube video, which makes the "Move along..." make sense
  12. let's slow this train down just a bit... while it could be the name DCSentinels.com registered by an NFL team (perhaps Washington), the Twitter sleuth is wrong on the registrations date. The name was NOT registered on July 15, 2020... that's just the date the registered domain was updated... the domain was created (registered) on August 15, 2019, almost a year ago. And I hope it is not the new name of the team.
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