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  1. slinky

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    what if Cinci takes Burrows... then Detroit wants to trade up... not to take Young but to take Tua since they would be looking to move on and get out of Stafford's contract (I think they can get out as soon as 2021, allowing tua to sit a year behind Stafford.) they want to trade up to prevent Miami or anytime else from trading up. we then get #3 (Young) and Detroit's 2nd rounder. but alas, I am just a draft idiot posting online.
  2. and no penalty for it?
  3. Drew's got this. 70 yards with 2 min and a TO.
  4. was Teddy Bridgewater running on the field to celebrate the TD before he crossed the endzone (and with helmet off)?
  5. wasn't Obama pushing for a name change while in office?
  6. I wouldn't give Allen much credit for finding Terry McLaurin... I believe it was Haskins that pushed the need to draft him. Credit for only listening to Haskins.
  7. slinky

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    David Klingler says hi... aaaaaannnnnndddddd I am totally blowing smoke here...
  8. Barkley just tied game for gmen
  9. would love to see iggles and giants end in a tie.
  10. and then the defense comes and saves the day.
  11. I have a frightening feeling that we'll win softened by the fact that the giants will win and that we'll have knocked the pukes out) #3 pick coming
  12. slinky

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    will our #1 pick in 2020 stop our #1 pick in 2021?
  13. slinky

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    so, today i cancelled my registration renewal for the domain name, ... if he is here still after Monday the domain might be available for anyone who want to register it.