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  1. And the Raiders have the brother of the most recent Redskins/WFT head coach not named Rivera.... got connections all over the place
  2. Mayhew's first decision in Detroit was to fleece Dallas. "Mayhew's first move as acting General Manager was the trade of wide receiver Roy Williams and a 7th round draft choice to the Dallas Cowboys for Dallas' 1st, 3rd and 6th round draft choices in the 2009 NFL Draft."
  3. I think the Mayhew/Stafford connection is most intriguing considering that was his first draft pick ever. all of Mayhew's draft selections with Lions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AwldQiDZ6-tLV-8VPSH4cr9ho0N3RzIVi4c3-v0AkV8/pubhtml
  4. Rivera and the Bears lost to Mayhew and the Redskins 3 straight years from '89-'91... closest connection i can find.
  5. Ah I forgot Rivera was the DC for the Chargers WHILE Kyle's dad was still the GM... and it looks like A.J. groomed Ron to be a head coach and now Ron is helping groom A.J.'s son Kyle to the GM.
  6. Funny that Kyle's dad A.J. Smith ended his career with the Redskins in 2015 as a consultant (and came to Washington 2 years after Kyle had already started as a scout in 2011) and Marty started his NFL career in 1988 with the Redskins as a PR person. And during the decades in between both A.J. and Marty both served as either GM or assistant GM with the Chargers (though it seems as though they never worked together in SD). I'll bet that A.J. and Marty are close friends and that Marty has a great relationship with Kyle and this is all about grooming Kyle which probably started when A.J. came as a
  7. Had no idea JKC gave him his NFL start "A journalist by trade, he first began in football for the Washington Redskins' public relations department when owner Jack Kent Cooke asked him to join the team.[3] He then served in the front office of the San Diego Chargers as assistant general manager to Bobby Beathard."
  8. At least 3 ex-Skins in this one for Bills... Roberts, Norman, Murphy ... any other?
  9. Imagine if we tanked trying to get the 9th or 10th pick in the draft to try and get a guy like Zack Wilson... we would have missed out on TH and this awesome playoff performance. Maybe Zack will be better than TH, maybe not. But is there a lot of difference between them? Both same exact weight... and Zack is just 2" taller. I'm so glad we won the division and got to witness something with potential to be great.
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