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  1. Me too and I wouldn't move to the top 10 for him but if he drops and go for him. Hey, in 2021 never expected Darrisaw to drop to us at 19 no less reach 23 I would not either, that's why I said if he fell real late in the 1st. I don't love Sanders at 36 but if they really want him, that's where you will need to take him or someone else will grab him.
  2. It is all going to depend on how fast he runs. He is going to need to show he can separate but yes, he is underrated by many. There have been a few of us mentioning him and the 4th is his sweet spot
  3. Robinson is my Keion White Edge of this years draft for me, The dude Edge i'd live to fall to us! And yes to Bowers and absolutely to Fuaga as the only two worth that dip. If there were a less costly move to a faller into late 1st I'd watch for Latham, Fashanu or if C was not addressed in FA possibly real late for 1st for JPJ.
  4. He is young,shouldn't be expensive and has tons of experience at C. I had hoped we drafted him as he lasted later then I expected him that year. He is okay. I'd be more inclined to look at Williams and Cushenberry. Don't get me wrong, I'd love JPJ but....I would be just be more comfortable knowing we had a solid vet C to match with a rookie QB and Strom as backup C and G. And going the FA route, we would be set there prior to the draft.
  5. Starting C and a vocal LB or DB leader are two items I'd like to see addressed prior to the draft. I don't want the team to be shoehorned into being required to draft them. That's the way this team has drafted over the past number of years and I am sick of that. The second and third rounds will contain a plethora of starting potential options at most other need positions for this team.
  6. So you go into the draft with not addressing C in FA and only have Strom on the roster. That leaves you almost required to take a C no matter how it plays out
  7. I would love both. Heck, I'd love a LG, C RT and LT. IMO one of the two needs to addressed in FA and a vet C may be easier than a T.
  8. I don't think Strom is being forgotten. The question is, did he prove enough that he could be the starter at C or G? His injury cost him such valuable playing time to prove himself
  9. The Wylie/Gates conundrum Ron and EB put the team into is real. While most every believes the best thing is to cut both and start fresh, I am not certain they can really do that with the CAP hits. I do think one of them will need to used at LG. They absolutely need to address a starting T and C minimally. Based on the great T draft class I am really they take advantage of that by pick 36 and take aim at a vet C in FA. FA should also address one quality Edge, LB, DB, OL, TE and probably a WR
  10. Yeah the Yac King needs to be in the 4.45-4.48 range like I've seen him listed at in order to be a Yac dude at the next level. He won't be able to run over and through DB's like he was able to...unless he is facing Forbes. For me he is one of the most intriguing, high potential players of the draft.
  11. I would have felt better looking to the future with Gonazalez even with the injury. He was looking like a stud after just 4 games. Even the later first rounders and 2nd rounders had much better seasons. We can only hope the new coaches can make Forbes useful...I think they can but it is them trying to save one of the dumbest selections. But hey, JDR got his guy
  12. That would be awesome and at this point maybe a minor steal of the draft. The way Smith raves about him, he must see some of himself in the build and toughness
  13. Totally agree but want the intrigue of our pick to stick until selection two, no telegraphing thoughts. Also that they did make a huge mistake not taking a QB when they had the opportunity chosing a 4th DL in 4 years as the first rounder. They could have really ccapitalizied on a slight trade back and taking a QB along with filling holes that would have set them up for the future. Just liked it was a major screw up not taking Darrisaw and here we are still trying to figurrre out LT...but that's another story lol
  14. Damn that recoup is rough and long. Combine keeps you occupied for sure. You are going to really be ahead of many of us studying these players! His size and aggressiveness for the ball and in tackling makes him seem like a good fit for our new coaching staff. I am a little surprised he didn't have more INT's considering his aggressiveness with the ball.
  15. It definitely was, the defensive players felt Holcomb had really stepped up as a leader. Yes, he was a huge disappointment. Really thought we could trust the staff to find a good fit for the LB hope we had...oh how naive I was!!! .....same with adding Wylie and Gates...YUCK
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