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  1. Things that jumped out to me per this list: Julio Jones #1 WR. For some reason he still seems underrated even though he is proven. His name never seems to be in the top WR discussions With the other top guys on the list. Richie Incognito right after Zach Martin. This guy is a freak in multiple ways Richard Sherman top CB, tell me how old and slow he is again. He would not be nearl this high on my list but he surely had a good year on a great team. Love me some Minkah I crushed on Minkah and Roquan Smith in the 2018 draft! The fact that he was available last year, damnnnn
  2. Either one of them elevate the Washington Watchamacallits to a new level. Just think of one of them with that Dline.
  3. If there was a definitive #1 TE I would take them as Haskins new best friend. Instead I don't really even understand the TE situation. Guice for sure on offense On defense should be the whole DL, they should just dominate teams. Probably should have come up with a new team name based on this unit red swarm
  4. I just saw this and didn't see it posted. Sucks I have been a big fan of Harmons: Washington WR Kelvin Harmon has been diagnosed with a torn ACL and will miss the 2020 season. Harmon suffered the injury getting in shape for camp. The No. 206 overall pick of last year's draft, Harmon made some noise down the stretch for Washington's undermanned receiver corps. Although he lacked an ADP in fantasy drafts, Harmon was on track for a 2020 role. Washington's receiver depth chart is now ludicrously thin behind Terry McLaurin. Steven Sims and Antonio Gibson's arrows are pointed skyward. Five months shy of his 24th birthday, Harmon is not much of a Dynasty league stash. SOURCE: Ian Rapoport on Twitter Jul 14, 2020, 11:42 AM ET https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player-news
  5. I full expected his name in the middle of the pack. He was a projected as a top 20 guy last year before he went back to school. Most projections for this year I've seen show him mid first round to top of the second round. I do however recall talk of his pass protection being suspect.
  6. Agreed. So often the fit the team well and are given time to learn in steps, not forced into playing immediately due to being a top pick. I fully expect this to prove out this year with a guy like Asiasi who was selected at 91, which was earlier than most expected by a round or two. I believe 2 or 3 years from now he will be the best known TE from this draft, even if Stidham is throwing to him. He can handle all the TE expectations.
  7. Good post. Logan Ryan would help the current roster but adding him for a year isn't bringing a Championship. Heck, who knows if there's even a 2020 season. Keep analyzing RR and company. I love their conservative approach this year. If there is a 2020 season I expect a lot of talent cut from other rosters similar to Ryan how can be signed cheaper and possibly for multiple years.
  8. For sure! IMO Moses has a bigger upside to be the defensive field general for the next decade
  9. Moses was expected to be mid 1st rounder this year but chose to go back to school for another year...sadly. He blew his knee out just before the season began. Hopefully he gains all speed and instincts back and is ready to go for the coming year. He is an every down player who can def start at weak side and can play inside. I am hopping he puts a couple pounds of muscle on while keeping speed. He is good picking up the back and TE, is really good in chase, blitzing, strong hands, really good instincts and is smart and makes def calls. He is decent working through trash but needs to get a little better. I am a big fan, had him marked last year as a Redskins lol. 6'3" 235 lbs I know Parsons is very similar to Moses but has him by 10-15 pounds. He has had two very productive years and another one will probably get him a higher grade than Moses. Would be great on the inside. 6"3" 245 250 lbs I have not seen much of his play but sure will this year. One of these two guys is just what the doctor ordered for this D!
  10. I have never been able to put my head around the Anderson selection. I was disappointed when they announced his name on draft day. I really liked Zach Cunningham and Ryans bama team mate Dalvin Tomilson Love me some Dylan Moses. I was bummed when he announced he was going back to school last year, then blew out his knee just before the start of the season last year. He is the player I am most excited to watch play this year.
  11. Well it will be interesting to see how all the players progress this year....assuming they are able to play. I am not familiar with Bushman, but it sounds like I will be shortly lol. Look forward to watching all of these guys. It is too bad there don't appear to be any true blue chippers. I also thought Jordan appeared a little more explosive with the ball.
  12. That's too bad. It will make two years in a row. More reason for the Redskins to get a long term deal done with Scherff.
  13. Thanks for your early TE work! At least they are willing and don't miss assignments, that's half they battle and yes way better than we have become accustomed to with Davis and Reed. They both look pretty dynamic in the passing game. I have noticed Penn States Pat Freiemuth has been ranked high by some. I know little about him other than that he is listed around 6'5" 260 so a little more anchor. Look forward to hearing your early thoughts on him.
  14. Great question. Wouldn't it be great if the first part of this occurs, Charles is very good this year. Sewell is a player like Young this year, the elite of the class. You take him, move Charles to the right side and now you really have something! Love Parsons and can't wait to see Moses return. Surtain is my top pick but Wade is just a tick below. Either would be great additions. They need to address LB and CB