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  1. Perhaps uninspired wasn't the correct word to use as he can be exciting with the ball in his hand. Perhaps disillusioned lol. Any mock that has WFT taking Toney in the 1st, whether at 19 or later in a trade scenarion I don't like. I am just not that big of a fan of his and see so many other positions I would rather see filled. If they decided the take a WR at 19 for me it would need to be one of the big three that fell. If they went with one later in the 1st it would need to Bateman or maybe Marshall. I really would rather it be a T, LB or DB in the first. Milne in the 6th, that wo
  2. There are a lot of mocks where WFT takes Toney. This always leaves me uninspired. There are so many other WR's I like better that will be available later. The closer we get the draft the more I want WFT to trade back to collect more day 2 picks. Would love a LT, TE, LB, DB, WR, RB and maybe QB by the end of the 4th. @Skinsinparadise I had a chance to review Milne and you are correct, he can separate. He does a nice job as a route runner setting up the DB's. What is he like a 4th rounder?
  3. Steve, please stop holding back and let us know what you really think of Simms list Pretty sure we are all on board with you on the list. Simms likes to get attention by making different lists than everyone else posts
  4. Wow, guess he can do it lol. I did see they had hi at DT, 6 3 255 is small for DT but he can do it all. Heck they twice voted him teams toughest player.toughest
  5. Yeah that is ironic. I don't like Eubanks either, although I must say both he and Mason were both under utilized. Mason has a lot of potential. With emphasis on defensive mobility DB's and LBs are quicker also smaller. A good lead FB/move TE would blow those guys up letting Gibson run wild! Bring in Mason! lol
  6. I wanted to add that outside of the top few TE's, you have mentioned certain receivers fitting certain QB's best. It seems like a guy Long would be a great fit with Fitz with the contested catch and probably someone like cough cough Trask. I do still like Yeboah and Mckitty if the wait until day 3. McKitty might be the smoothest mover outside of Pitts with TE's. Just to break the convo for a second, I would like to push an idea not brought up much...FB. I really like Ben Mason and think he would be a great lead blocker, play move TE/Hback and play teams and how about him as in sho
  7. I was considering Marshall boarder line first or second like Bateman but cool, we are on the same page with them. Agreed with Brevin regarding the TE's. They are pushing the thought of a TE day two. Feels like they really want Freier, Tremble or Brevin early.
  8. It would be shame if WFT comes out the draft without a guy that can start right away at LT or at least RT with the ability to eventually move to LT.
  9. Thanks for your response SIP. I know you prioritize separation ability like I do. It's no secret I am a huge fan of Batemen and Rodgers (underrated separator) and really like Brown and Fehoko. I have been somewhat on the fence with Nico and Schwartz but you are really trying to sell me on him lol. I am going to need to study Milne as I am not familiar with him I Noticed no mention of Marshall. It seems like he has some decent separation creation ability. Also interested in Palmer but why wasn't he heard from earlier, he seems to have come out of left field over the past 3 weeks
  10. @Skinsinparadise , I always appreciate your take especially on WR and TE's. Other than the 1st rounders and strictly slot guys, who are the best separators?
  11. I must admit, I am surprised all the play regarding Mills in the 2nd. Two months ago when some of us were talking of him in the 3rd we were scorned for that being too much, lol. I have not changed my thoughts on him as he has not done anything to move me to thinking he is worth more than a 3rd just like Newman, Mond and Trask.
  12. IMO we are better with true 3 down MLB but not sure Cox fits. He was a favorite of mine early but after watching film more closely have found he isn't really a hitter. There are no really decent ones available in FA and slim pickens in the draft but Parsons, Collins or Moses could be best of options. Davis is a real wild card I good hitting/tackling CB and FS would be sweet!
  13. I figure safety will be addressed in the 3-5 rounds. Two guys I like that don't get much play here are Hufanga and Wiggins, although I did see @RWJjust mocked Huf. The thing with Wiggins is similar to Dylan Moses, he is coming back from a knee. Could be a steal or a bust I guess. Prior to the injury he would have been a 1st or 2nd rounder.
  14. It sure leaves you understanding why WFT is interested in him. Also, will ease your mind if they were to grab him early even though he has such experience
  15. Before the 2019 season he was my first round crush for WFT. It was a crusher to hear the day before the season opener that he tore his ACL. It took most of this season but he began to look himself in the last couple games. Since the interior LB's are weak in this draft, I don't think he makes it to the 4th round but he could def be a steal even in the 3rd. I think he would thrive with our staff and that DL in front of him.
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