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  1. DWinzit

    The 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    I hope to never see an entry in this thread that Alex Smith's contract was extended! This however would not be a total shocker. I wouldn't be shocked to see an interior OL like Cooper and perhaps Haha are resigned by early March. Thinking they look hard at G/C, TE and not so good QB's along with DB's and edge.
  2. That would be nice and allow the team to focus more on the offense in the draft(except edge). I think is their plan anyways. Unless Collins in tight with some of the other Skins, it will probably be difficult to get him to sign. I have a hard time seeing free agents being very interested in coming to Washington this year unless a way larger contract is thrown at them. I think so, the discussions are on the 2019 season now, not 2018. This thread was started in December of 2017
  3. Enjoyed this thread topic. I agree there is an obligations to the public to ask almost any line of questions that affects them. I would have dove more into what the plan is to move the team out of perpetual mediocrity? Do they have a better game plan moving forward...and if so what as the cap status and lack of coaching shake up appears to be more status quo? What does he see as the reason for the myriad of injuries over the past few years? Why the team does not hold real pressers for their fans sake!?!
  4. DWinzit

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Agreed. The HC and GM jobs are hopefully on the line so they will look for a splash. They must take a QB. I also think they will look for a speedy WR before they look at def in the draft. I dont see them bringing T Taylor in if Colt is their guy. Probably more like a Josh Johnson. I would rather Taylor than Colt whose fragile and weenie arm doesn't cut the mustard or an overrated and over paid Foles type. Taylor wont win many games but should be relatively inexpensive, has some experience, is mobile and has stayed somewhat healthy. He could start for a bit and hope they give the draft pick time to sit and learn.
  5. DWinzit

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    Looking past some poor officiating two items stuck out to me about yesterdays games: 1. The Pats Oline which is made up of mid and late rounds picks kept Brady clean and cleared running lanes all game. Just amazing. 2. The Rams and Saints game was filled with really strong, quick tackling. If only the Redskins could have more of these traits. I am sick of the Patriots dynasty but their run has been incredible. All of the playoff records Brady has, I can't see them being touched.
  6. My hopes are still high on resigning Smith. I would be happy with Incognito on a one year deal. Galette whined his way out of Washington which is a shame. He has to be second guessing himself. I had hopes of Hankins being a Redskin until the draft. I pass on him and his agents overvalued views of him.
  7. DWinzit

    First to sign first rounder, Per Rich Tandler

    Strictly typo, my bad.
  8. DWinzit

    First to sign first rounder, Per Rich Tandler

    Unless he just wasn't available to sign, it seems weird Christina didn't. Hopefully he signs today.
  9. That would have been interesting! Hackenberg will tossing balls out to the fans lol
  10. DWinzit

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Yup, just like Keim picked in his mock when required to make the decision of Payne or Edmunds. I respected his decision and the next day I respected the Redskins decision on Payne. They felt he was the best option for the future of the team. James was a distant third to me.
  11. lol I hope Hankins and his greedy little agents have to settle on a real low ball contract.
  12. DWinzit

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    yeah that would be story lol!
  13. DWinzit

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Definitely a solid draft. Still surprised with where they were able to grab Guice and Settle, much later than expected
  14. DWinzit

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Funny...Perhaps some day Quinn can work into a starter or contributor like Elliott worked into.
  15. DWinzit

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Matt Elliot was a the skins last Mr Irrelevant and he started for a few years at Center. Hope Mr. Quinn can do the same