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  1. DWinzit

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Cowboys

    Agree with your choices in studs and duds. I would like to hang a dud on Sweat as his speed just doesn't show up. I had some high expectations for him. Instead he is Preston Smith I am happy you have included Callahan on the list. Is it me or has Moses regressed every year?
  2. DWinzit

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Manusky should have been canned last year even if Snyder buys into Allen and Gruden for another year. All the defensive talent and they have given up the second most yards in the NFL. Second only to the tankphins. It is okay to fire him mid season if his status quo game plan continues. Does it really matter who takes his place if this continues?
  3. DWinzit

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Still wish Hockenson could have dropped to the Redskins. When I saw Hollywood blowing up I thought of you. He was definitely your guy. If he can stay healthy he will be a force for a long time.
  4. DWinzit

    Tracking former Redskins around the league

    Paulsen signed with Houston and they are looking at Scandrick today
  5. I am hoping these guys make it to the PS
  6. I will always question how much say Jay really has with personnel. Yes I will always blame Jay for Colt kicking around but I mean other roster spots. My prediction is Bruce will throw Jay under the bus by game 12 of the season. Wishes are Bruce is gone by game 12
  7. I agree. I am aware of the win now delirium. I fixed it for you SIP. I am afraid after another ho hum season Bruce will convince Dan the issue was Jay and a that they are just a new coaching scheme away from winning. Especially now that they have a young up and coming QB
  8. DWinzit

    The 2019 nfl cuts and who we should be interested

    It's amazing that we are that this point and no change to the TE position from last year. Once again the TE on the field will cue defenses
  9. Agreed, yet whenever a team gets schooled in a trade I always think it is a missed opportunity. Next will be hoping the Redskins don't get smoked in a TW trade because they waited too long or asked too much.
  10. You would think Howard or Scharping would have been included in the discussions. Also seems if Clowney becomes a Redskin Kerrigan would be moved. While it would be a sad day, it would give Houston a replacement for Clowney and create cap space and bring youth to the Redskins.
  11. DWinzit

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    Often wondered what if with Green!
  12. DWinzit

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    All the dumb personnel, coaching and GM decisions since 1999. So cut out the root of evil, what if Snyder never took over ownership. A couple others: What if they signed Drew Brees in 2006. What if ST was not murdered.
  13. DWinzit

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Funny there's talk of Flowers taking Trents place. Wasn't Trent being here part of the reason Flowers wanted to come to Washington? While it seemed like a big gamble bringing him in, I have always had a hard time seeing him making it. I sure hope he does but I just here his name and envision a turnstile. I still wish they had selected an OL before the end of the 4th round. While I never had heard of him prior to the draft, I find myself very upbeat about Martin and hope is one of the steals of the draft and takes over at LG
  14. DWinzit

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    Reid went on to say that a lot of the football minds on the staff wanted to take Jamaal Charles. 2008 sucked in all avenues from owner to GM to coach Zorn (puke) to the **** draft and draft class. They wanted to load Zorn up with weapons instead of paying attention to older and injury prone OL, DL, LB,s and DB's along with finding a replacement for ST. If I recall Thomas was picked with the 3rd or 4th pick in the 2nd round. Not a shocker but there were some others that might have made more sense with a bunch of WR's available. Then they went TE followed by another WR, Kelly...Why? It was the first time in years the Redskins actually had some draft picks and they ignored the needs. Jordy Nelson was definitly a name bantered around a lot. Another was Calais Campbell who also was bantered around years later when becoming a FA.
  15. I was referring to 2017 when he got them to 11-2 prior to the injury. If they stopped playing then the Eagles would have already won the NFCE by 2 games and Wentz would have been handed league MVP. Eagles fans will need to hope they jump out of the gate running because Wentz has not shown an ability to be available in December.