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  1. I'd say this year is it for Scherff. If the offered him what they say they did and it was a LTD, he not see near the money come next year especially if he experiences more injuries. While we seem to have a glut of OL right now, most of the good vets aren't signed for next year. Too bad they couldn't have signed Leno for more than one year
  2. I am thrilled they decided to go with a TE that blocks well along with being athletic enough to get open and catch. Reports had lead be to believe they wanted more of a pass catching type which what fueled the Jordan and Long interest. As it turns out all of the NFL teams felt he is probably too slow to translate well in the pro's. Long was actually selected after our first 3rd round selection. I was certain they were going to announce Tremble or Long when St-Juste was announced. I was quite shocked but understood they DB's were flying off the board and they set the premium there.
  3. He is an interesting person and athlete. Maybe he can somehow make the team with a little help from his friend and coach lol, but his chances are slim. If he was willing to convert to TE years ago he could have enjoyed a good NFL career.
  4. I agree with still bringing in Kerrigan or a June 1st cut there. I could still see a TE but am having a harder time seeing that as they have a lot of competition there now. I get the woozy feeling they are sticking with Bostic for the coming year I could still see a workhorse type RB be a possibility
  5. I haven't felt this good about the strength of a roster since the early 90's. The Gibbs 1 era had there stacked roster and (cough cough) injured list.
  6. Sorry...... Most everyone around me is...just awful
  7. Well ya don't need to fuel any Giant hate with me living in Giant country....DAMNIT!!!! It's not just the team and media that are the most condescending, it's their freaking fans!
  8. You are kinda being a Debbie downer SIP. Luckily the times, the are a changing!!!
  9. Oh goodness, perhaps you haven't heard, they have Danny Dimes
  10. I was just thinking about him. It's Thursday....signing day lol. Not only have I not seen anything from Mondays visit but I don't find his name being mentioned as being contacted or visiting any other teams. @TheShredderis probably correct, he is looking for a LTD or big one year deal and hoping for others to call him. Bobby, sign the offer, it is the best you are going to get. I am sure of it
  11. One minor correction Regarding Wilson, I don't really finding him jerking his team that much. They have not done a great job getting protection for him....I know, he holds the ball too long but still, I give him a pass on the jerk. The others deserve it. You can add Big Ben to that list too
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