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  1. No! Eff him They are going to need his replacement though. If pick 19 is traded away for QB there may not be a decent option at 51. That would mean they may need to address this position through FA as well as a few other positions They really need to bring in at least one decent young starter to the Oline...not just scrubs
  2. While Parsons hasn't been convicted of anything, I would remove him from my board as well. Freiemuth stays in the same slot he was in for me. He has done nothing wrong or been accused of any wrong doings to the best of my knowledge. Heck, I hope others look at him that way and he is available at pick 51. Of course I would have him scrutinized a little more just in case. Same goes for any other player from PSU
  3. Brutal read. If true I hope the kid will be able to get over the emotional scars he must have. Zaven Collins just moved up boards darn it. He was my target wish at 19 for months Means at least one new MLB will be targeted from FA...I would guess very early on March 16
  4. I was going to say the same about the dominator rankings. Not sure what it really gives me. Must admit, one the first names I looked for was Stevenson and that's based on your selling of him! lol
  5. Yup. Plus not only will Detroit be in line to grab one of the top draft picks, they will more than likely be grabbing Tyrod Taylor off the FA market to use as their day one starter. I know some here don't think much of him but to me, he and Brissett are the two cheaper decent stop gaps if the team decided to wait a year on getting a big time starter. I say that because Anthony Lynn really likes Taylor and just became the Lions OC. I mean Heini looked good but we really don't know what we get from him and both of these guys are upgrades to Allen at least in my eyes.
  6. Not really because that would put Detroit and Houston in the mix for a new QB and newly gained draft assets to do it
  7. What little I read on him gives me the feeling he is Jon Bostic. If the team makes that big now, in FA or to get to the top of the draft many of the draft picks will more than likely be lost. That means we need to upgrade through less expensive FA's. Marvin Jones would be a great player to bring. If Stafford were to be the QB then Jones should be a no brainer. The idea of bringing in an Allen Robinson would be a pipe dream.
  8. That is quite possible with all the teams looking at him....and its nuts. Too much If that's where it is at I would be happier with taking Mac Jones at 19 if he looks good in the Senior bowl, and I am not hi on him. Go with him Heinicke and Allen. I'd think if a team is giving up at least a first (probably a lot more) they are def going to want an extension to 4 or 5 years set up before signing off on the trade
  9. It will take more that just the 19th pick to get him. There will a lot of interest. May get way too rich to be worth it With Lynn as OC he will be bringing in Tyrod Taylor to match with a top pick
  10. Not sure whether to laugh or cry over this...
  11. Wouldn't that be something special for this new front office to pull off with their first draft! And so much better than moving up to improve one position
  12. You are spot on with your comments and these 3 are separated from the rest of the TE's. If Pitts was miraculously at 19 they should take him but don't see him dropping passed 12. Love Freiemuth. He can do it all and do it well! If he miraculously was there at 51 they should take him. I not sure he makes it out of the 1st round Jordan is really good and more possibly available at 51. Would be a good selection for another target addition who is pretty decent helping the OT at least with a shoulder. I could see him bulking a little I dislike a WR at 19 no less a
  13. While I completely agree, I am getting a queasy feeling they are going after him and will offer more than just the 1st And bringing in FA Marvin Jones Jr, a favorite target of Staffords for years who can play outside and slot.
  14. Yup. overdrafting, overpaying, overcompensating
  15. Normally I would be about letting Scherff go. Too much money and too injury prone for a G. The thing is he is the only real good Olineman we have. Moses is okay and Roullier are ok and their play is significantly better when Scherff is next to them. He improves the line play on a whole. Why is our Oline weak? Because the last few years the team decided to through FA $ and early draft picks any place but the Oline. When they have taken stabs at mid to late round picks they are mainly misses, backups and bums. This shows you can't just take a 3rd rounder and throw him in
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