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  1. Franklin60

    2019 Redskins Schedule Rumors, Leaks, & Predictions

    The Eagles played at Dallas (won) in 2014 and played at Detroit (blown out) in 2015.
  2. Franklin60

    Season Ticket Renewals

    As an Eagles fan, I went to one game at RFK. It was the season opener in '86. Buddy Ryan's first game. The game where Randall Cunningham "quick kicked" on third down from his own endzone and punted the ball into the back of one of his offensive guards. The Skins won handily. It was an unpleasant experience (for me.) I do not remember much of an Eagles fans presence there that day at all. I've been to FedEx about a dozen times for Eagles games, and there has always been a lot more Eagles fans there than there were that day in '86.
  3. Franklin60

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I always liked the old Giants Stadium. Great sight lines. Atmosphere was good. Probably saw a dozen Eagles games up there over the years, most of them victorious. Went to MetLife for the first time last year and didn't care for it at all. Felt like the stands were about thirty yards further back from the field. Maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but dangit, our seats were pretty far back. The Giants were having a lousy season and the Eagles were 11-2 at the time, so there wasn't too much grief to be had. Getting out of the parking lot was ridiculous though, maybe even worse than FedEx, which is a known nightmare.
  4. Franklin60

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Last season at the Vet was 2002. First season at the Linc was 2003. Hard to say regarding "hardcore". Probably about the same. The facility is nicer for sure. I think fans everywhere (I've gone to many Eagles road games over the years) have gotten a little nastier over the years. When I went to games at Giants Stadium in the nineties, I always felt like the the Giants fans were respectful. In recent years, that's not the case.
  5. Franklin60

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Both of those Steelers games were in September, which is a naturally different environment. Early season optimism and all. Steelers fans definitely show up in Philadelphia, but they're always drowned out by the Eagles fans. Maybe 15% in both of those instances. Noticeable but nothing outrageous. Now, if it were a December game where the Eagles were eliminated, then yeah, I can see where it might be different.
  6. Franklin60

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    As an Eagles season ticket holder for nearly fifty years, I can confirm this. I don't ever remember a visiting fan presence at an Eagles game like there was that day. My memory is a bit hazy at this point, but I kind of remember it being something like 30% Redskins fans. Not quite "taking over the stadium" (in terms of numbers) but definitely loud, especially towards the end when they clinched it.
  7. As an example of what I cited the other day, if you look at the site, it will show the correct results (Eagles win head-to-head tiebreak, Panthers win a three-way tiebreak) for an 8-8 tie, with the Redskins beating the Eagles in the finale. The graphics on that site aren't as cool as ESPN's, but it is more accurate. Of course, if the Redskins win tomorrow, none of that will matter.
  8. I've read this thread -- and the similar ones from previous years -- with interest, and I want to jump in with a point that seems to have been overlooked. In fact, it's the only reason I signed up for this message board. The ESPN simulator has a "known bug" in it with concern to Common Opponents. Because of this bug, it shows the Redskins winning an 8-8 tiebreak with the Eagles (yes, I'm an Eagles fan) when that's not actually the case. kleese was correct with his initial thoughts on the matter, and apparently was swayed by the fans who cite the simulator. Let's look at this one specific scenario. Vikings and Panthers both fail to finish .500. Seattle goes 9-7. Eagles beat Houston. Redskins lose to Tennessee. Redskins beat Eagles. Obviously the Seahawks are the fifth seed. The sixth seed would come down to a tiebreak between the Eagles and Redskins. The teams would have split their games with each other. Both teams would be 3-3 in the division, with Washington splitting all series and the Eagles sweeping the Giants and being swept by the Cowboys. The next step is Common Opponents, not conference record. This is true for teams from the same division. And when you do this step, the Eagles have the better record. There were only two games on each team's schedule which were not common...Eagles played the Vikings and Rams while the Redskins played the Packers and Cardinals. The Redskins swept those two "other" games. The Eagles split theirs. This means that the Eagles have the better record in common games, 7-7 as opposed to 6-8. The simulator does not handle the Common Opponents scenario properly and apparently looks first at conference record, which only applies to teams from different divisions. Of course, this scenario isn't all that likely. I'm not too optimistic about the Vikings losing twice, and I'm sure Redskins fans feel the same way. Incidentally, this would still hold true if the Panthers finish 8-8, forcing a three way tie with the Eagles and Redskins. Divisional ties are broken first which would put the Eagles ahead of the Redskins. And the Panthers would get the sixth seed based on their win over the Eagles. The fact that the Redskins beat the Panthers would not apply.