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  1. This Eagles fan will be hoping you guys win the game next Sunday night. I'd rather the Cowboys not win the division, and I'd prefer the Eagles to pick fifth (approximately) rather than tenth (approximately). What a horrible season.
  2. As an Eagles fan, I'm quite disappointed about the loss of Toohill, especially to a division rival. We obviously didn't get to watch him in the preseason, but the reports from camp were all positive. And when he made the 53-man roster, the coaches made a point to rave about the progress he was making, how amazing he was at taking coaching. Basically, they said he always did the right thing and always made the corrections that were suggested. He ended up beating out Joe Ostman for the final DE spot. I'm sure you've never heard of Ostman, but he was a huge fan favorite even though he's never don
  3. The Chiefs aren't quite symmetrical either. Think of the "KC" and you'll know what I mean.
  4. I wish you well. I hope you all have a wonderful time.
  5. Not bothered enough to disrupt my focus on the game. But I'll look over from time to time to notice the kid suffering (cries of "I want to go home!") and think to myself "Why did their parents subject them to this?"
  6. I've been to about 600 NFL games in my life (Eagles season tickets since the sixties/lots of road games too), and I gotta tell you...I've never seen a two year old at a game who didn't have a horrible time. It's cool for them for about the first fifteen minutes, but they're guaranteed to cry and complain and be miserable for the next three hours. Mom disappears for a minute to go get snacks, and then cries of "I want my mommy!" (I witnessed this very thing recently). On top of that, it's December, so they're bound to be cold too, which will only add to the misery. I don't want to s
  7. As an Eagles fan (who often comes down for games against Washington but didn't today), I have to say that I'm especially thankful that the Redskins let the clock run when the Eagles were inside the ten yard line with about a minute and a half left in the game. I were a Skins fan, I'd be really ticked off at that. The Eagles are either going to score or they're not. If not, you can (most likely) run out the clock anyway. If they do (which is what happened), you'll at least have time left to try for a winning touchdown. As it turned out, the Skins get the ball with only eighteen seconds left. (A
  8. A tie would have been good for the Eagles. They cannot win the division without winning it outright. So getting to 8-7-1 (against the Cowboys at 8-8) would have been as good as being 9-7.
  9. As an Eagles fan, all I can really say is "Meh". He didn't really do too much this year. Pretty much invisible out there, except for a couple boneheaded penalties. It does kind of suck that the Eagles signed two veteran linebackers in the offseason to theoretically stabilize a fairly weak group, and both were axed before the midway point of the season. Gonna have to try to get by with smoke and mirrors at linebacker the rest of the way. Not too encouraging when your pass rush can't deliver and your cornerbacks can't cover.
  10. Sure looked to me like his second foot landed out of bounds, so it's all a moot point anyway.
  11. As an Eagles fan, I'm really disappointed about Hester. Much more so than Smallwood. He's a legit NFL defensive tackle. Was on the team all last year after they picked him up from the Raiders. Actually played in games. (Wasn't inactive). He's the guy who "blocked" the Parkey "double doink" in the playoff game with the Bears. (It was officially called a block even though it only slightly grazed a player's finger). The Eagles only chose to keep four DTs on their 53-man roster and he was cut. He was BY FAR, the most shocking cut on Saturday. The dude played really well in the preseason. Granted,
  12. I'm an Eagles fan. Smallwood tends to get a bad rap around here. A lot of fans have complained about his very existence, but he's been a decent player for the most part. There have been individual games where he's been forced to carry the load and did well. The guy runs hard and finishes his runs. Not especially elusive. Doesn't really create on his own. Will get what's blocked for him. Adequate blocker. Not a great receiver but will make the plays. Can return kickoffs. In fact, he had a TD return against the Redskins his rookie year. I always kinda liked him. He would probably hav
  13. Because he was a very good player. Busts are guys who simply can't play well at the next level.
  14. Doesn't apply to me...but what if someone doesn't OWN a computer. There's no way a person should be required to use technology to access tickets they've already paid for. There should always be a fall-back option, in other words actual physical tickets to be used at the gate.
  15. Not every person owns a cell phone. I don't. A "digital ticket" wouldn't help me whatsoever.
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