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Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins the classic cowboys and indians game?

    • Redskins
    • Cowboys
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The Eagles are better than the girls at WR,QB and defense.The oline the eagles have maybe better as well.Another words the eagles are a better team.So I dont see how you cowgirlz fans posing as redskins feel they are going to blow us out.This well be a close game that we will win.

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Well, it is game day.

Today, we will see which team we are going to be.

Will it be a team like last week's 1st half against the Eagles, or will it be a team that is like the 2nd half against the Eagles?


Let's be honest; last week's first half, the Redskins dominated the Eagles for the most part, but then the 2nd half came, and momentum shifted towards the Eagles, but it didn't have to. It fell into a more predictable offense, and the defense got caught up in the moment and caught flat-footed, with players at times staring into the backfield instead of doing their jobs. Yes, Manusky dropped the ball big time which really helped the Eagles back into the game.


This is a different week, a different game and a different opponent. Its Dallas, the biggest rival historically. One of 2 things are gonna happen; this team plays for the most part of 60 minutes of football and we squeak out a win, or Gruden and Manusky get embarrassed on the field with pitiful game planning and players not knowing what to do or who to cover. and a predictable offense and soft zone defense gets picked apart.

Gruden knows the seat is warming up already, so he needs to step it up; it doesn't matter if this team gets a 20 point lead at halftime, he needs to keep the foot on their throats, if he is in that position.

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Its entirely possible that the Eagles are a top 3 team in this league...and we showed well against them.  We are capable of squaring up the Cowboys and beating them.  But I just can’t trust Manusky to scheme us up for 4 quarters.


Pukes 27

Skins 23

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