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Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

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Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins the classic cowboys and indians game?

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When: Sunday, September 15th  1:00p.m.

Where: Fed Ex Field


OK, week 1 is finally behind us... Or, is it?

This Sunday the Redskins welcome the Dallas Cowboys to Fed Ex Field for an early season battle which already has some spiked interest, for a number of reasons.


Overall, Dallas leads the series 71-45-2, with Dallas winning 4 of the last 5 meetings, and 7 of the last 10. Its starting to have that feeling like the late 90's - early 2000's where the Redskins couldn't buy a win. What makes it sting a little is the Redskins are 1-4 at home against Dallas.


Sunday night, the Cowboys took the Giants behind the woodshed and easily handled them by a score of 35-17, although it wasn't that close of a game.  The Giants started off good but after realizing they were playing a real NFL game, they fell apart.

Prescott started off the season against them throwing 405 yds with 4 TDs, and the Hobbit Elliott running in another score.

The WRs, Amari Cooper, Blake Jarwin and 147 year old Jason Witten all got in on the scoring action, but the running game wasn't nearly as impressive. Maybe Zeke was carrying his huge payday on his back as well and it slowed him down.


Defensively, the Cowboys were ok; not great by any stretch, it seemed more like the Giants just didn't bother showing up, but Dallas sacked Eli 6 times and shut them down for much of the important part of the game. Of course, Dallas did get away with a couple of questionable hits, but what else is new.


Earlier, the Redskins went to Filthadumpia to take on the Eagles, and it was 2 totally different games we watched,

In the first half, the Eagles had no answer for the Redskins, as Vernon Davis did his Carl Lewis imitation by hurtling over a would-be tackler and taking it in for a TD.  Later, the rookie McLaurin took a nice bomb in for a score, and a FG was added for extra measure, and the Eagles' fans let them know they were not happy, as boos loudly echoed in the stadium.


What did disappoint many was the performance, or lack thereof, from Derrius Guise. 18 total yds rushing won't win many games, and he just couldn't get it going. At times holes opened, but maybe a little impatience overcame him as he would run into a pile of people. His biggest gain was 5 yds. Thompson didn't fare much better, it seemed the o-line couldn't gel in the running game.


Questions surrounded Keenum, but he responded well, and played a surprisingly good game. He protected the ball and wasn't a turnover machine like some thought might happen. The Eagles defense couldn't get close enough to him to smell his cologne. It was somewhat refreshing to see a ball thrown for more than 10 yds past the line of scrimmage { See Alex smith }.


Then the 2nd half came.


Adjustments, scheme, whichever way you wish to point, it would probably be the correct way regarding blame. The Redskins just couldn't get out of their own way, as the Eagles used a familiar face, DeSean Jackson, to exploit the secondary. Everything that went right in the first half went wrong in the 2nd half. And many may have turned the game off before it was over, but there was actually a slim chance for the Redskins to pull off a miracle for all ages, but thanks to an on-side kick that went directly to an Eagles WR, that was snuffed out.


So, this Sunday will be a game to wonder about. Will the offense and defense be able to play a complete game? Will they have the fire and brimstone that beat down the Eagles in the first half, or will they collapse quickly and struggle to make it competitive?


When the dust settles and the spurs stop spinning,

I think the Cowboys will simply want this game more than the Redskins, or at least the coaches.

Final score:

Redskins  23

Cowboys  34


First correct score prediction wins a new Redskins cap or beanie.


So, good luck, and as always,  G O    S K I N S !!

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Boys 43

Skins 17


Blowing a 17 point lead in the first quarter of the first game of the season has lingering hell written all over it. This coaching staff and GM are stale a need to go. The Boys are simply a much more talented team than us. We will get spanked. As an added bonus we get to see the stadium 3/4 full of Cowboy fans. Should be another fun Sunday to be a Skins fan.

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8 minutes ago, Riggo-toni said:

42-24 Cowboys.

Allen-less defense continues to crumble, while McLaurin marches on to break Anquan Boldin's rookie record.


8 minutes ago, Warhead36 said:

23-16 Dallas. Without Allen we get shredded by Zeke.


I think the defense will Settle things down, with Allen's replacement, and become a Payne in Zeke's butt. No Sweat, because Anderson is still strong. And soon, Redskins fans will begin to Kerrigan !

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It is a divisional game so we definitely have a chance. Unfortunately Dallas is a SB contender. We’re miles away from that. Dak and Zeke own us and I’m pretty sure this will be a home game in Name only. 60-40 Dallas fans. 


It’ll always be within a TD but as I figured before this season, the defense is a paper tiger. They will get gashed by Zeke before Cooper abuses Norman/Dunbar. Unfortunately I think Keenum’s performance was week one fool’s gold. 


Dallas 24 

Skins 17 


McLaurin busts another long TD after a poor offensive first half. Zeke finishes with 120 and 2 TDs

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There are two ways you can respond to last week, either determined to never let that happen again, or shellshocked by it, and I think we will be the latter. I see Zeke having a big week if Allen cant go, and Dak having another good game as hes working to try and secure himself $100 million.  Offensively I think we might be similar again, but in the end I dont think its really close in the 2nd half unless we somehow shut Zeke down.


31-17 Dallas.

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Well, I'm hoping that Zeke's wallet still is keeping him slow.

He didn't perform like a man who just got paid, and maybe, just maybe, he doesn't do much this week either.

Gotta admit, win or lose, if he does like last week, there will be some upset Dallas fans who will **** about him being overpaid.


On the flip side, AP could ignite the offense. Dallas will respect him, and if Gruden calls the right plays, more screens to him, he could be the difference-maker. It almost appears like this is the way its supposed to go; Guise flounders while AP uses his pounders...

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1 hour ago, Malapropismic Depository said:



I think the defense will Settle things down, with Allen's replacement, and become a Payne in Zeke's butt. No Sweat, because Anderson is still strong. And soon, Redskins fans will begin to Kerrigan !

The only pun I didn't get is Anderson.

I'm sure I'm just being an idiot but explain that one to me please.

Very funny by the way.

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For those that follow the Vegas angle.... opened at 6 and was bet DOWN to 4.5 and even 4 in some spots. That is 100% “sharp” money. The public is no doubt going to push the line back up. But for the record, the guys that do it for a living went heavy on the skins early. 

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Let's see... key injuries again and one holdout, D secondary seperating while the O WR's are not in the 2n half, Kerrigan more worried about where he's at with his Paisano's rewards program than he is getting anywhere near any QB's, and of course Gruden continuing to stay positive with his legendary halftime adjustments.




Dallas 38

Skins 23

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