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  1. Wow thanks for stating the obvous.
  2. Yeah that says alot about this position group.I'd perfer both of them battling for a job.If I have my way niether one of them make next years roster.
  3. My thing with Haskins or who ever is the QB is we need more talent on the offensive side of the ball.We had a horrible TE situation(maybe the worst in the league), a horrible o-line( hopefully Trent comes back to make this unit competent), one of the worst WR units in league(Terry is stud like Harmon and Sims but lets be real this unit is not nothing to brag about) and RBs are led by the ancient AP and Guice who lacks the best ability which is availability.Not one position group on this offense is solid.We need to give this side of the ball a serious injection of talent. Get Hooper get Cooper get Conklin and Gordon.Give Haskins a shot at being Qb in this league.
  4. I like Olson love Hooper If we can land both tremendous.If we land Olson only good if we land only Hooper great. Whatever we do we need to give Haskins weapons.Last year Sprinkle was horrible and we had possibly the worst TE group in league.I believe we need to two solid TE editions and Sprinkle should battling for job as TE3.
  5. Ghedrick

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I am starting to believe that River boat Ron does not believe in investing much cbs.I don't recall Carolina drafting a 1st round cb or signing a cb to a big money deal.So if this is the case Dunbar days are numbered.
  6. I love Dunbar he has put in the work. He started as a undrafted WR to special teams ace to great back up to solid starter and now arguably the best player on the team. He has exceed all expectations. I see no problem with him wanting to get payed.Injury issues and all he outplayed his contract. If players don't perform they get cut (Norman) and when players out perform a contract they deserve to be payed.Dunbar has to take care of himself and honestly his value may never be higher than now. This is a business on both sides. However if we can find a team that loves Dunbar and we can get value we should listen.I remeber Volsmet stated couple months ago he feels we can get a 1st for him.Rivera and co may want to go in a different direction but lets not rip Dunbar for maximizing his value at what could the peak of his career.
  7. My hope is Hooper is #1 on that list.Our TE situation is in need of a major make over.Watching Sprinkle as our number one TE this past season was a nightmare.Heck bring in Olsen, Hooper and draft a TE in the fourth or fifth.I would be in favor of replacing the whole dam unit.
  8. Ghedrick

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I disagree Miami's pick next year is going to be high.I see alot more value in having their pick next year instead of 18 this year.Miami is more than likely picking in the top 5 next year.This also gives us a year to determine if Haskins is the guy.If not we are armed with assets to go after Trevor Lawrence.
  9. Ghedrick

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I see people wanting 18 and mid round picks in addition to 5th from Miami no way would I consider trading Chase for that. Disscussion need to start with the 5th pick in this draft and their 1st next year.I want Miami's 1st next year I believe it will be a top five pick.
  10. Ghedrick

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    I would want players and picks if we are trading the 2nd pick.It would be nice to target LAC. Their 1st, Bosa and some mid round picks sounds good. Proven talent on rookie deals and picks is what you need if you are passing up as close to sure thing that has come out in years in CY.Tua is the shot in the arm LAC needs. Also if Miami comes calling I would like a trade centered around the 5th pick and next 1st.Miami I feel will be picking high again next year. They can keep 18 and 26 Miami's 2021 1st will be very valuable.The 5th pick next years 1st and a couple day two picks would be good but just so hard to pass on CY.
  11. Ghedrick

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I see it the other way around Okudah is going in the top five he is a premiere talent at premium position .Simmons is ss/lb which is not a valued position especially in draft like this one that has star power at premium positions.Also the draft is loaded with top notch talent at OT and I could easliy see 3 going in the top ten.This league is starving for quality OT's.
  12. One guy that may draw some interest is Danny Trevathan. He is coming off an injury but the guy is familar with blackjack Del Rio.If healthy he would be one best linebackers on the market.He maybe worth keeping an eye on.
  13. Ghedrick

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If I am dealing with LAC I want Bosa and thier 1st rounder or James plus thier 1st and 2nd round picks.The price to secure Tua and make us pass on CY is going to be high.We should want picks and proven young studs on rookie contracts.
  14. I agree with you here the coaching has been horrific here for quite some time on defense. I believe with real coaching we have alot of guys who will be greatly improved.I know alot of people are down on Nicholson, Moreau and Apke but there is no denying they have talent to get it done. My hope is that the new coaching helps these guys reach thier potential.
  15. Ghedrick

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Frank Clark has been close to dominate.As for the Titans they just good players all over that defense but Casey is an absolute monster.