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  1. What the Bucs defense did to night was remarkable.Kdawg is right we need some lbs behind that front four for us to put on a show like that against an elite offense.
  2. Dak is going to be one of the worst contracts in the league mark it down. Your going to be paying top 3 three QB money for guy thats not a bonefied top 10 QB. I much rather trade 2 1st for Carr and his 20 million cap hit for 2 years than pay Dak 40 million per year and give up two 1st.
  3. I hope they move him to weak side linebacker reminds me of Shaq Thompson. After Chase I believe this guy was our best pick.
  4. Patient is key here.Trent is a wack job but a team will get desperate between now and the trade deadline.This will lead them to giving us more than a 5th round pick.
  5. It may seem that we have limited trade partners right now but that will change.As players get hurt or fail to perform a market will again emerge.If we dont get a solid offer tonight we need to be patient.
  6. That is my thinking as well.We have all the leverage over Trent.He has to play this year and at high level to get paid and if he does we can tag him.This one year left on contract as an excuse or the elephant in the room excuse is no reason to trade him for nothing.
  7. But having Ezra out in there in the playoffs against San Francisco could cost them big and a chance at a Superbowl.They need to win now. When a team is in this situation an elite LT could be the difference between Superbowl or playoff loss.You dont want Ezra going against Bosa and company.
  8. Minnesota seems to be our hope with 12 picks remaining in the draft.They have to package these picks for a player or to trade up.No way can they walk out of the draft selecting 14 players.
  9. Good thing they won't have much time to get open against us.
  10. What a stud Chase is he will make our corners and safeties big money.
  11. Chase will abuse him for years to come no worries!!!
  12. Trent for a day three pick would be robbery.If that is the offer I say wait it out until someone goes down, a team can't protect their young franchise QB or a contending team swings for the fence at the trade deadline.Look at what the Broncos got for Sanders.No way we should get less than a 3rd and change.
  13. I just don't see how teams can point to 5th round comp pick we would get for him.The cap space we have next year all but ensures we won't be in the comp pick business next year.If we can't get something similar to what the Broncos got for Sanders we should keep him until a contending team at the trade deadline gets hungry.
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