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  1. Hopefully Haskins is never added to this list.
  2. I am glad to formally hear from a creditable source Trent's value is atleast a first. Adam Schefter is the most reliable source in the game. This puts to rest the nonsense that his value was a 4th rounder some on this board thought.
  3. Please Jerry make it happen. This would eliminate the Girls from contention for a while.
  4. Ghedrick

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I'll give four catches up anyday for a turnover.So don't really get your point of view. He is not giving up tds and had several impressive plays other than the forced fumbles. This is a league that has rules to benefit the wr and everyone gives up some yards. Ballhawk capabilities are hard to find in this league and from every indication so far rather it be college,mini camp, OTAs, training camp or preseason he has made plays.As he continues to make plays teams will stay away from him in fear of the turnovers.
  5. Ghedrick

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    He wasn't beat for td's so who cares.Get those turnovers Jimmy Moreland.Turnovers out weigh firstdowns all day.This guy is a ball magnet.If teams test him they will get burned.
  6. Hey great point look at the Cowgirls and Bears to see what good running game and defense can due for an average qb.If our running game and defense deliver this could be a 10 win team any three of these guys.They don't have to be Mahomes ,Brees or anything like that but Trubrisky.
  7. Who cares Dallas is nothing without Zeke.If Zeke is not suited up Dallas has no shot.
  8. My hope is the QBs are having a rough camp because the defense is just that good.It has been mentioned that Norman is looking fantastic. Monroe might be the most improve player on the team.Dunbar is looking good.Jimmy Morland has the makings of being an absolute ballhawk (Asante Samuel look a like.)Monte seems to be back on track and Landon is a top 5 Safety in the game.The d-line taking the next step from being above average to dominate.The mlb are clearing better than advertised evidence of this is cutting Mason right before camp. Maybe the games will be easy for the QBs after facing these guys everyday.
  9. I worry if we unload Trent soon that by the trade deadline this turns into a fire sell.Guys like Kerrigan, Norman , Reed(if healthy and having a big year ) and Sherff if contact negotiation are not going well all get traded.
  10. If we decide to trade Trent there will be a ton interest.Its not everyday teams get a chance to add an elite LT.Left tackles, Quarterbacks and EDGE RUSHERS are the most valued positions is the NFL.Chances are if Trent is traded it will be for greater return than the Texans got for Brown.Trent does have some durability concerns but a teams value Left tackles and a chance to add an elite left tackle in the league will have many teams lining up.
  11. Tell me who you would want over the next three to five years Trent or one of these guys Kolton Miller, Isaiah Wynn,Mcginchey, Mcgary,Jonah Williams and Tytus Howard.Trent is worth a 1st hands down.
  12. Anyone who thinks Trent isn't worth a 1st rounder needs to look at the OTs drafted in the first round the last 2 years.Team are desperately trying to find a starting caliber OT and gamble on guys with huge question marks with first round picks.Trent is one of the best O-lineman of his generation without a doubt.He has several quality years left and is clearly worth a 1st.
  13. I feel he is worth it still.If we Traded our 1st the year we took Doctson and got an ageing star it would have helped us alot more than he has even if the ageing star only played 10 -14 games a year.
  14. If we don't land a 1st round pick pick for Trent we will receive multiple picks.I feel to start a conversations it begins with 1st or a 2nd and 3rd.When you draft a guy in the 1st you hope he becomes a starter if you trade for Trent you know your getting an probowler for at least 3 to 5 years if you extend him.The hit rate on probowl talent is really low in the first round.Trent has alot more value than most believe.
  15. Whitworth for the Rams is one of the bestLT in the league and is 37.