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  1. Stopped by to see the car wreck. Whew not watching, but from comments looks bad early. Cheers folks
  2. Just popped in was watching season 2 of jack ryan. Saw the score. I have not missed 3 games since I was 7 49 years ago. Not even mad anymore cheers man
  3. Defense looking at each other like deer in headlightsIt's like a car rec...ya just got to look....for a while any way
  4. It's like a car rec...ya just got to look....for a while any way
  5. What could it hurt to put in haskins my god mam
  6. Wow just got to tune in. Time to go do something else. God this team is bad even by skins standards ..and that is saying something
  7. Sad part even if you fire manusky no DC worth his salt willing to come to Washington
  8. Maybe we go 0 and 16. Clemson qb comes out early.....yea and I might win lottery too
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