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Miami Herald: I’m done trying to understand Trump supporters. Why don’t they try to understand me?

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19 minutes ago, Cooked Crack said:




It looks they all have their chairs too high for that desk. And dude in the khakis. Try a full suit next time. This isn't the weekend. Ladies..... from now on, sleeves. All the way to your wrists. Your shoulders make baby jesus cry. 

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4 hours ago, Sacks 'n' Stuff said:

Remember when these folks were screaming about cancel culture? That was a long time ago though I suppose.


It's only cancel culture when the liberals do it. When conservatives boycott companies they're just voting with their dollars. #FreeDumb 🤪

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Watch Roger Stone Explain on Hot Mic How to Manipulate Trump


Longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone has a secret trick to get the former president to say whatever he wants: just lie to him.


That’s just one of the revelations in the bombshell documentary, A Storm Foretold, which chronicles the self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” before and after the 2020 election. The documentary recently premiered in Denmark but hasn’t been released in the United States.


In footage obtained by The Daily Beast, the Danish filmmakers who produced the film caught Stone explaining how he’s long manipulated Trump. And the filmmakers, Christoffer Guldbrandsen and Frederik Marbell, brutally contrast Stone’s disparaging remarks with those he delivered in October 2019 at a right-wing conference at Trump’s Doral golf club in Florida.


“I want to talk to you about Donald Trump,” Stone tells the crowd of MAGA-hat-wearing attendees. “Someone who is a force of nature in himself. Someone who marches to his own drummer. Someone who is not handled, not managed. Not controlled. A man who cannot be bossed. And cannot be bought, which has made him one of the greatest presidents since Abraham Lincoln.”


The film then cuts to Stone being recorded at a distance, with the Trump ally going in and out of the frame, while he tells another person the real truth about handling Trump.


“I have a 40-year record of being able to convince the big man to do what’s in his best interest. He’s not easy to deal with. It’s complicated,” Stone said. “He resents any implication that he is handled or managed or directed.”


Stone then details a hypothetical situation where he—serving as an adviser—might be able to plant an idea inside Trump’s head.


“You have to say, ‘Remember that night when we were in Buffalo. And you gave that speech, and God, it had to be 10,000 people, the biggest crowd they’d ever seen. And you said XYZ, and the place went crazy, remember that? I don’t know where you came up with that line, but it’s one of the best things.’”


Stone then theorized how Trump might respond to the lie.


“Yeah, I’m going to use that one again,” Stone said, playing the part of Trump.


The longtime Trump ally claimed he had used the tactic for decades.


“Doesn’t ****ing matter that he never said it—doesn’t matter,” Stone said. “It’s time-consuming, but it works. I did it for 30 years.”


Click on the link for the full article



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On 5/30/2023 at 9:28 PM, Fergasun said:

So what's up with Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade defecting to Russia?  That seems just a bit abnormal...


Oversight panel distances from Gaetz, Greene push to bring Tara Reade for interview


The House Oversight Committee is distancing itself from a push by Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) to bring Tara Reade, who has accused President Biden of sexually assaulting her, in for an interview after Gaetz announced the panel’s chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) had given the green light.


But Greene on Wednesday said that while there has been some “miscommunication,” she is in the beginning stages of the process of bringing Reade in for a transcribed interview.


Gaetz, who is not on the House Oversight panel, said on his podcast released Wednesday that Comer told Greene “that we would be fully authorized to bring in Tara Reade, to take her transcribed interview.” Reade went public during the 2020 campaign to accuse Biden of sexually assaulting her when she worked as a staffer in his Senate office in 1993, which Biden has denied.


The House Oversight Committee quickly pushed back on Gaetz’s assertion.


“The Oversight Committee is focused on the Biden family’s business schemes and bank records. Chairman Comer is happy to have a conversation with Rep. Gaetz about oversight he thinks should be done and what committee that should be done in,” a committee spokesperson said in a statement.


Comer reportedly told Politico, “I don’t even know who that is” when asked about Gaetz’s announcement of a Reade interview, and noted his committee had not made any announcement. Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) also told The Hill that he did not know anything about a Reade interview.


Click on the link for the full article

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Rachel Hamm Begged God to ‘Please Send This Death Angel to Kill These Globalists’


In 2022, Rachel Hamm decided to run for secretary of state in California because, she claimed, “Jesus himself” appeared in a closet in her home and told her to do so. Perhaps not surprisingly, Hamm’s campaign was filled with wild tales and conspiracy theories, especially about the 2020 presidential election.


Certain that she had been anointed by God, Hamm repeatedly warned that nefarious forces were going to try to “steal” the election from her. When she did inevitably fail to make it beyond the primary, Hamm predictably insisted that the election had been stolen.


In the wake her loss, Hamm has since become convinced that she is destined to serve as press secretary for former President Donald Trump, whom she believes God has “anointed” to be president again. She has urged her viewers to pray daily for Trump and against the people she says are partnering with Satan to keep him from getting elected again.


As such, Hamm has begun regularly traveling to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where she has rubbed shoulders with the former president, as well as the likes of Rep. Ronny Jackson, Kari Lake, Roger Stone, and other MAGA “celebrities.”


While Hamm’s proximity to Trump and those in his circle is disconcerting, it becomes even more alarming in light of some recent videos that Hamm has posted.


In March, Hamm released a video in which she claimed to have learned that “globalists” plan to kill most of humanity, which prompted her to ask God how she should respond. She insisted that God had responded by ordering her to “decree” that he would send a “death angel” to the U.S. Capitol in May to kill a wide swath of elected leaders.


“[An angel] said, ‘I’m here to tell you your prayers and decrees have been heard and the date has been set. The death angel will visit the Capitol in the month of May,'” Hamm announced. “I’m here to tell you that an angel came to our house and told us that the death angel is visiting the Capitol in the month of May.”


Click on the link for the full article

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37 minutes ago, mistertim said:

Nothing like a gathering of right wing chud incels watching a movie about what a woman is.   :ols:


Seems like it would benefit them more to watch a movie about what a man is.

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