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The White Terrorism Thread


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33 minutes ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

So it was posted to sound like another Vegas style attack was thwarted without any proof.  Gotta love the need to be first with the story instead of getting facts.

True, we should probably wait to see what happens tonight.

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Time: Roy Moore Accuser Tina Johnson Loses Home in Possible Arson Attack




An Alabama woman who accused failed U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of groping her in 1991 lost her home in a fire that is currently under investigation by local authorities.


Tina Johnson, who said Moore grabbed her buttocks after a meeting in his law office when she was 28, told AL.com her house in Gadsden, Al. burned down Tuesday. Johnson and her family lost all their possessions in the fire, she said.



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6 minutes ago, Cooked Crack said:




I'm still finding jewels in that article.  




McWhorter said Hari had come up with the bomb plot, and that they never intended to kill Muslims, only "scare them out of the country … show them hey, you're not welcome here, getthe **** out."


He claimed the trio wanted to bomb Muslims because “they push their beliefs on everyone else,” the FBI agent wrote.



There are times when I'm convinced that, to be a Republican, one must not only have a lobotomy, but that one must also have the part of the brain responsible for detecting irony removed.  




Investigators eyed Hari as a possible suspect in the bombing after a source took pictures of apparent bomb-making materials in Hari’s parents’ home. Hari often lived there because his own house had no running water or electricity.



Reading the article, it makes me rather angry at how many things these yahoos got away with.  Makes me kinda wonder if the cops intentionally laid off of them for some reason.  (Because they were right wing terrorists?)  


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On 3/27/2017 at 8:30 AM, grego said:

i get that we dont tend to call the dylan roof types 'terrorists' (even though i think they unarguably are) and i was trying to put my finger on why that is. in my lifetime, we've had white terrorist groups like the IRA and i think they were called terrorists, but its been a bit since i've heard anything about them.


as far as the term and its usage today, i think it is almost always associated with al quaeda or isis. i dont know if its a white/brown thing or how much thats a part of it, but i do think that part of is that there either isnt a group quite like the IRA in terms a organized violence these days or, to gamebreakers point about media, if there is, we just arent hearing about it. neo nazi groups exist, obviously, but i dont know how many of them are actually planning things like suicide bombings as opposed to true lone wolf type events that we see. still terrorism, still awful, just not the big, organized, group type of terrorism. 


as far as statistics and who is the cause of the most incidents or the cause of the most total deaths, i think part if that depends on how the events are being classified, or who is doing the classifying. if you count the orlando shooter as a jihadist/islamist, for example,then it skews the stats one way. if the fort hood shooter is classified as 'work place violence', same thing.


another issue with the stats and trying to determine what the bigger threat is, is taking into account how many terrorist acts are foiled before they happen. i think i had read that there were 69 islamist terrorist plots that were stopped before they happened since 9/11. that should count when assessing which kind of terrorism is 'worse' (which sounds bad, since its all obviously bad). as far as how many racist/nationalist nazi type plots have been foiled, i havent found yet, but i'd be interested to know.

Maybe not Roof, but school shooters are specifically NOT referred to as terrorists because then the Feds would be on the hook financially to help school systems deal with prevention.  

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1 hour ago, Cooked Crack said:

Seems to be serial bomber(s) on the loose and the President has yet to comment. Feels like they got to be Muslim to hear anything from this guy.


Not necessarily. 


If they're Nazis who tried to run people down with their cars, then the President will announce that both sides are violent. 

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