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The White Terrorism Thread


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39 minutes ago, Gamebreaker said:


Be careful. If you can't remain non-violent if they start speaking derogatory towards your lady then I wouldn't bring her. Additionally, there may be counter protest already planned and there people on both sides who've come with the sole purpose to get violent. Be aware of your surroundings and know when it's time to leave. 


This.  Any asshole can post and repost crazy **** on Facebook and Twitter.  But the people who actually show up to these things are the true nutjobs, hoping that something happens.  

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Yes I've been to a couple of these things before. I have no interest in mixing with the antifa children. Hearts in the right place, mind is stuck on E (probably figuratively and literally.) Mob mentally can eat ****. We'll do our own thing. Non-chalant like. And I'll make sure to check in with the popo beforehand. Thank you so much for the advice. 


In other news.... 



Ahahahahahahahahahaha. Did not see this coming. Enjoy Butner chucklehead. 


Speaking seriously here, normally I hate to see young people **** up their lives like this. Hell hate isn't even a strong enough word. I abhor it. Short of death, extended incarceration in big boy prison with a matching felony record is the single most destructive experience someone in their 20's can face. Short a family with cash that'll let you move to the Bahama's or some ****, it can take years and years to recover from. If ever. You never truly get past it and unlike other hardships, there isn't an ounce of sympathy to be found anywhere. I'd honestly rather face heroin addiction. Speaking all from experience here.


In some cases though, some rare cases, people need to pay a price for their stupidity for the greater good. This is such a case. Hopefully this sends a message. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. 

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to add on to what others are saying:

they also thrive on the confrontation. they're hoping people like you show up. it becomes top of the nightly news run down. videos of yelling back and forth (and whatever violence occur) fly around twitter.


if no one showed up to counter protest and they just walked through the street they wouldn't get any of that attention.

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Another wannabe conservative terrorist, French style 



They might actually be scary if they weren't always homebound dry-dicked raging morons with no real world experience destined to get caught. 


And in another dimension somewhere this guy actually gets to do it...and hits absolutely nobody but Trump. And it's probably illegal for me to smile at that image so I'll just stop here. 




Sidenote swung by the Master Race rally last week. Decided to keep my girlfriend out of it. Regret that decision immensely and I pray that have more and more Master Race rallies in the future. Cause goddamn the absurdities of life are so much better when you have a partner in crime. I swear it made me feel both better and worse about this country at the same time though. Better that the Master Race. sure as **** isn't doing any raping and pillaging anytime soon. Worse that Holy **** these people's guy is actually president. What the **** is going on. It's truly embarrassing that it's come this far. But whatever. I'm gonna keep laughing at their sorry asses. 4 years later and they'll still be dry dicked losers and mommy and daddy (who are to blame) will be even more embarrassed of them. 


Related note, i was thinking i should go undercover Hunter Thompson style and write a book. I have the perfect pigmentation. I call it racist vanilla. They always think I'm on board. But thinking about it some more, it's a guarantee I'll kill myself before I finish. It's just too much cringe to fake. Honestly shiver just thinking about it. There was a reason Thompson was lit for 50 years. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

And in today's radical Republican extremist news....



Bought the book today, about to start reading it now. 





And lastly a look at Bannon and the mindset that set the stage for these loser Nazi ****s



There's another thing that recently came out about him and online gamers and how he and the right are now essentially using the internet to radicalize that community and to cultivate the alt right. Good read for some of you folks who aren't entirely clear on what's going on and how it's happening. Can't find it at the moment but I'll pull it up tomorrow when I get some more time. 



Oh and if you missed it in the Fox thread, Why the Alt Right Loves Tucker Carlson 



As someone in a relationship with a non-white legal immigrant...man. I want to meet Tucker Carlson.


And what does it say about the right as a whole that he is the #1 cable news show in the country? Why does anyone think any of this is going to start moving in any type of positive direction anytime soon? Radical Republican extremists indeed. 


And I know someone in here is with Carlson. Come on. Speak up. Don't be a coward. Tell me how my girlfriend doesn't belong in this country.

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Can't seem to find the Bannon/Gamers blog piece I read (and the gf is starting to get...antsy) so this will have to do. A little too long winded for my tastes but it covers the same thing.... 



Relevant section:




Later, while running an Internet business in Hong Kong, Bannon discovered the underworld of online gamers; “intense young men” who “disappeared for days or even weeks at a time in alternate realities.” One of those alternate realities was “World of Warcraft,” in which millions of people were digitally transformed into secret soldiers waging titanic battles in unseen worlds against mythical enemies.



Bannon seemed to intuit that this digital world could be recreated for his political purposes, by designing an apocalyptic narrative of righteous warriors waging an end-of-days battle by all necessary means against assorted enemies: jihadists, progressives, Acela-corridor Republicans, the Clintons. Republican political operatives had spent the Obama years wondering about the “missing” white voters who had failed to show up for John McCain and Mitt Romney. Turns out, they (or others like them) were online, and Bannon — whose own fantasies were suggested by a portrait he had of himself in his office, dressed as Napoleon — was proposing to supply this army with the necessary ammunition.


Much of it would come from the bile factory at Breitbart News. Another part would be supplied by the Government Accountability Institute, a Tallahassee, Fla.-based nonprofit that mined the “deep Web” and dug up the dirt on the Clinton Foundation for Peter Schweizer’s 2015 blockbuster “Clinton Cash.” There was also a data-analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, an offshoot of a British company “that advised foreign governments and militaries on influencing elections and public opinion using the tools of psychological warfare.”


What all of this added up to was a kind of alt-G.O.P. — agile and indifferent to norms and boundaries — that could supply the Trump campaign with everything it needed to win. Bannon has described himself as a “Leninist” for wanting to “destroy the state.” Whether he will achieve that is doubtful, but he seems to share Lenin’s genius for building a secret party with radical designs, ready to pounce at the historically opportune time.



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On 7/21/2017 at 11:10 PM, BornaSkinsFan83 said:

And in today's radical Republican extremist news...



And I know someone in here is with Carlson. Come on. Speak up. Don't be a coward. Tell me how my girlfriend doesn't belong in this country.


I can't speak for Carlson or his views (because I don't actually know what they are and I hesitate to draw any conclusion based on limited info and that video) but immigration and terrorism are things I am interested in. 


Regarding the europol stat from the video (2% of terrorist attacks in the EU between 2007 and 2013 were religiously motivated), it should be explained. 


Whenever terrorism is being debated, the numbers and definitions are framed a certain way to give a certain impression. For instance, a stat will sometimes say "since September 12, 2001......" for obvious reasons. Or it will say "attacks on US soil", which have been far more rare in the last decade due to increased resources devoted to stopping attacks. (in Europe and the Middle East, religiously motivated attacks are far more common) Related to this are the number of thwarted attacks which should be included when talking about dangers of the types of terrorism. 


Also, it's worth knowing whether a site is talking about acts of terrorism as opposed to numbers of people killed 


"It remains the case that the majority of deaths from terrorism do not occur in the "West". When the Al Qaeda attacks against the United States in 2001 are excluded, only 0.5% of all deaths from terrorism have occurred in Western countries – European nations, United States, Canada and Australia – in the past fifteen years.[8]However, there have been recent increases in the number of high-fatality attacks"




As for the europol stat, how europol defines terrorism is important. 


Europol’s definition was harder to find; it was in a very long report available as a PDF. They distinguished threat statements and terrorist attacks. Here is the data for 2010 in Europe:

• 249 terrorist attacks
• 611 individuals arrested for terrorist
related offences
• 46 threat statements against EU
Member States
• 307 individuals tried for terrorism charges

There is a lot more terrorism than I knew. And if you want details, both the FBI and the Euro Pol reports provide them. But what is most surprising to me is that terrorism includes everything from burglary, to taking animals from laboratories, to vandalism, to bombing and kidnapping. What distinguishes these acts from other crimes is the intentions. If the purpose of an act or threat is to influence governments and policy, then it’s terrorism."




The 2% is also misleading in that it doesn't look at the most recent data (it stopped at 2013)-


" While terrorist attacks by separatists — think dissident republican groups in Northern Ireland — still make the most attacks in the EU, their numbers are decreasing. It's religiously inspired attacks that worry authorities most, according to Europol's 2015 report.

Law enforcement recognizes that and is putting more resources toward fighting religious fanatics. For the first time in 2013, arrests for religiously inspired terrorism outnumbered those of separatists"


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