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The White Terrorism Thread


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7 hours ago, visionary said:
Islamberg tweet


re- the Islamberg conspiracy theory- a little over a year ago, a Denver, CO ABC news affiliate did a story on a Colorado property that was raided and found to be a terrorist training center that was lead by sheikh mubarak ali galini. the guy who founded Islamberg. the story is here-





COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Blades.  AK-47s.  M-16s.  Bomb-making materials.

The weapons cache, hidden in abandoned mine shafts, was immense.

And, that wasn’t all. 

In a remote mountain camp just outside Buena Vista, Colorado, law enforcement raided dozens of members who grafted themselves into a radical Islamic ideology.  Men, women, children – living on a 101-acre compound, learning the ways of jihad as taught by their leader: Sheikh Mubarak Al Gilani, a Muslim leader, headquartered in Pakistan



theres a video of KRDO's report here 





I am skeptical of just about everything I read, and most other references to this event that I see on google are from right wing sources that I either question or just don't trust. so, can anyone with better sleuthing skills than i tell if this story is legit?

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Active Shooter drill at a high school decides to depict the active shooter as a Muslim, instead of just a person with a gun. Funny, considering most active shooters in American schools are overwhelmingly white and male. 

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