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The White Terrorism Thread


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On March 5, officials were called to an apartment complex on Knaup Drive for an explosion. Inside, they found 28-year-old Benjamin Morrow dead and volatile chemicals inside the apartment.


Investigators call Morrow’s apartment a “homemade explosive laboratory and in addition to bomb-making equipment, they found literature about white supremacist groups in his bedroom.


According to the court documents, Morrow was found dead in front of the stove, which was on, and investigators testified they believe he was making explosive at the time of the blast.


“It does cause me some concern but I want to make very clear just because Mr. Morrow was in the possession of this material, does not categorize in any particular light. He could have been an individual that was doing research,” said Lt. Terrence Gebhardt, Beaver Dam Lieutenant of Detectives.


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12 minutes ago, Cooked Crack said:

Didn't cross my mind. I'd eat my hat if that's closer to the truth.


Yeah, I'm not betting on it, either.  Just trying to slightly hold back on the jumping to conclusions.  


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3 dead, 4 injured in shooting at Nashville area Waffle House. Gunman wore only a jacket, is still at large.


Wasn't sure where to put this, I guess "Naked People Run Amok" would've worked also.

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