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  1. She threw them at the judge??? I mean she IS a Florida woman...
  2. I wondered where that came from. I was subjected to numerous rumors at a doctor's waiting room this afternoon.
  3. Jokes aside, I had the same thought. Maybe it means if states cancel contracts before the terms are settled?
  4. In the Ocean City area there is a serious need for employees but this is due mainly to a lack of housing.
  5. That's way too French. Call him Freedom Lapew.
  6. I suspect the content of the bill is secondary to how the TQP envisions it being enforced. The local Daughters of the Confederacy will be able to pass out doughnuts and coffee to the 3 1/2 minute lines in wealthy/ white districts with nary a second look, while in the districts where the votes aren't "quality...cough cough" law enforcement will be handing out arrests and fines all day long in lines stretching for hours.
  7. The Trump Social Network will work 3 hours a day, sort of like the Cuban power-grid, and be declared the way and the light of the future by the QOP. Nightly praise on Faux News, and a data dump to troll farms everywhere.
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