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  1. I don't react as strongly (pro and con) to words as much as phrases. unless I hit my thumb with a hammer, then I'm right there with Buzz.
  2. H.L. Mencken would be entertaining. I could see Poe facing some backlash/banning with one too many retweets of teenage girls.
  3. Much like Generalissimo Francisco Franco...
  4. According to current "Conservative" thinking, there is never anything for Congressmen to do other than eliminate taxes and regulations. Everything else is god's will.
  5. Few people have worked longer and harder to make America a worse place. ...I really got nothing more than that.
  6. A member of my wife's family attended the rally and still claims it was Antifa who actually went into the the Capital and did damage. The Trumpers it's claimed were just "looking around."
  7. Phish. I can't explain why their music, to me, never seems to go anywhere while loving jam bands in general.
  8. Complete opposite reaction. I am discomforted by how normal she looks. It's silly I suppose, but I still expect nuts to look like nuts. Like Rudy or Loui Gomert with teeth falling out. The guy with furs and a helmet with horns? Yeah, that fits the bill. But it's the people storming the Capital building who just looked like people I see every day walking their dogs or raking their lawns that give me a start.
  9. Have to admit, I muted for Garth Brooks.
  10. STOP RUINING HISTORIC FLAGS YOU KNUCKLE DRAGGING &^$#WADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stick to your NAZI bull-crap and let the rest of us be actual, you know, Americans. Thank you. Now I feel better.
  11. Being 100% honest, I didn't know there was a difference.
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