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  1. ^^^^ I work in a rural county. Every day on my way to work (when I drove to work and not walked to a computer) I'd pass about half a dozen houses flying what they think s a Confederate flag. Well, one house had an actual Confederate States flag and not the battle flag... what I'm getting at is that there are a lot of Confederate fan-boys. Over the last three-four years, the standard has become Confederate flag at the top with a Trump MAGA flag below. That's the loyalty scale with some people.
  2. Fly the flag and don't be a jerk. We have to change the narrative somehow, and America is as much, if not more our country as much as it is the Trumpers. We (by "we" I mean not bat&%&^ crazy) need a slogan or bumper sticker/T-shirt like "Don't Hump My Flag"
  3. First-of-all, I thank you for expressing this idea with better clarity than I am capable. Secondly, to riff on this a bit, it drives me crazy when morons adopt various American flags and symbology to represent their idiocy. Like the Gadsden flag or the Crossland banner. Cool flags that have become standards with some extremely un-American stompers. It ruins it for us flag fans out there.
  4. youngestson

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    ^^^^^^ "Cast off their maple leaf shackles..."
  5. youngestson

    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    Apparently, if you hunt them down they eradicate themselves.
  6. youngestson

    Who’s Worse?

    Good lord but that's a visual.
  7. youngestson

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    It would be a third-world level cluster with GOP officials madly claiming power.
  8. youngestson

    Who’s Worse?

    I don't remember Allan only drafting white players...
  9. youngestson

    What decade in your opinion

    The 70s I was a little kid roaming free in perhaps the last decade children were allowed to roam free. Great time. The 80s were high school and college. I grandfathered in prior to the drinking age raising and had a great time making stupid mistakes in a decade before everyone had a camera and platform to publicize those mistakes. Great time. The 90s I got married and had kids and truthfully, though I had a wonderful childhood and young man years, that has been the best time of my life. China's post-Page 215 sweater E. Rocked one of those or one darned similar.
  10. youngestson

    The Quarantine Thread

    The share screen option on Zoom has been very useful to us. The video makes it somehow more clear who is talking. Visuals are often pretty important.
  11. ^^^ From the video most seemed to be in their 30s.
  12. Hey now. If it wasn't for facebook I wouldn't know medical professionals don't think social distancing is needed, but the main-stream media won't report it!
  13. To be honest, I'd never heard of Diamond and Silk before this week. A quick trip to youtube tells me, yeah you're right. It's painful to watch. Like some scene out of a 1950s movie.
  14. Owens is pretty quick on her feet and not immediately punchable like Steven Miller, Jarred Kushner, Ben Shapiro, Don Jr, or Gupta (the list could continue). I think that's why she's gotten a fair amount of traction.
  15. I can distantly remember the loss to the Dolphins in Super Bowl 6? 7? I was a pretty young kid and while I rooted for the team because all my family did I didn't know a great deal about them. When I really became a fan was a year or two later going to a game against the Eagles. The Skins won fairly convincingly, I got some popcorn, it was cold... the game experience was a bit of a jumble, but somehow I got Charlie Taylor's autograph. I remember him being very cheerful and outgoing, think he even gave me a friendly chuck on the shoulder. From that moment I became a true Skins fan.