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  1. I believe that's called "making a run for the boarder."
  2. Mini hands, mini heart, mini depth, so naturally a mini stroke.
  3. While I don't put much past that crew, the story sounds a little too Penthouse Forum to completely believe.
  4. The USPS "loses" money because people like this guy pay Congress to make it do so. For him to smugly drop the operating loses as though it's some inherent problem with a public service makes my teeth hurt.
  5. This ^^^ I'm generally not concerned with what consenting adults do in private, but the fact these yahoos have made a lucrative career of wagging a finger at others makes me almost giddy watching their downfall.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^ I think "broken government" is pretty much the point. It's Mitch's strength. The reason he rakes in the bucks.
  7. Trumpers next talking point: "Only Trump could make Americans notice the USPS.
  8. I suspect for that guy, being wrestled to the ground by bar security while shirtless and yelling nonsense is more-or-less an average Tuesday.
  9. I don't buy the story of that photo being what pushed the Board over whatever line they might have and punished Jr. I suspect Falwell did something out of the spotlight that galled them. Probably something financial. Simple "ethics" and violations there-of are just what those people sell to the marks and Rubes they prey upon.
  10. I share your concern. A key factor of any electoral process is the good faith of those taking part and that good faith has been battered pretty hard over the last decade or so. There will be irregularities in any process involving millions and millions of votes and people. Problems, mistakes, and errors will come up and depending on the political affiliation of the viewer may or may not be seen as proof of tampering. At the moment I'm not sure I can see any result of the POTUS election which does not end up in court. It certainly won't be settled the day after the ele
  11. Let's not insult girls... I suspect part of Trump's appeal to his base is that his obnoxiousness is in some way cathartic to them. He's an (*^hole so they can live through him rather than be an %^&hole in real life and get their jaws jacked, fired, sued, etc.
  12. Not everybody hates him. For about 30% of the voting public he's an orange Jesus. For another 10% +/- he's better than whoever FOX News tells them to fear Democrat. The funny thing to me is the self-pity vibe Trump consistently puts out is the complete opposite of that manly-man image the kool-aid branch of the G(t)OP claim to love about him.
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