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Catoctin High School shooting plot uncovered after explosives, shotgun seized from student's home


An 18-year-old Catoctin High School student will face charges this week after county sheriff’s deputies said they uncovered her plot last week to carry out a shooting at the school.

Nichole Cevario will be charged with both the possession of explosive materials with the intent to create a destructive device as well as possession of incendiary material with the intent to create a destructive device after she is released from Frederick Memorial Hospital for a mental evaluation.

Cevario was the only person believed to be involved in the plot and no one else was to be charged as of Monday, according to a news release issued Monday by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.


Cevario, of Thurmont, was arrested Thursday after one of her parents notified school officials of a threat to the school, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said at a news conference Monday afternoon at the county’s law enforcement center.

“This event was very probably prevented by the parents who stepped forward,” Jenkins said. “They saw something, they said something, they came forward, they did the right thing, so I give all the credit in the world to the parents of this young lady.”

Cevario was removed from class Thursday immediately after her father notified school officials, Jenkins said.

A number of “explosive materials” — including pipes with end caps, nails to be used as shrapnel, fireworks, magnesium tape and fuse materials — were seized by deputies in a search of Cevario’s home last week, but none of those materials had been combined in any way to create a bomb, Jenkins said.

“Basically the plan was to extract the black powder from the fireworks to create the pipe bombs,” Jenkins said, adding that a Remington 870 shotgun and 12-gauge ammunition were also recovered from the house.

Authorities said Cevario bought the shotgun at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Frederick.

No weapons or explosives were recovered at the school, according to Monday’s release.

Cevario’s journal was at the center of the sheriff’s office’s ongoing investigation as of Monday, Jenkins said. From the first entry, dated Dec. 16, 2016, the diary hinted at violence, but the sheriff’s office was still looking into whether any specific events prompted Cevario to begin planning the shooting, Jenkins said.

“Within this diary, we saw evidence of mental health issues, a number of emotional issues, the way she went out and found the means to purchase materials,” Jenkins said. “... It was to create, basically to be a mass shooting type event. [There were] no specific names or targets.”

The journal contained a detailed analysis of every stage of Cevario’s plan and what she expected to encounter, including information she gathered from speaking with the school resource officer assigned to the school, Jenkins said.

“It was very clear to us that she had the means and materials to cause significant damage to herself, to the student body, to the facility up there at Catoctin High School. ... We felt this was going to be carried out. There was no doubt in our minds that we averted a disaster up there,” Jenkins said.

“I’ve never seen anything like this, to be honest with you,” Jenkins added.

Deputies also believe Cevario was intent on dying on April 5, the date specified in her journal for the shooting to occur, Jenkins said. There was no indication as to why Cevario had chosen April 5.


Cevario was also enrolled in the law enforcement/criminal justice program at the school district’s Career and Technology Center.

Michael Doerrer, a spokesman for Frederick County Public Schools, said there was no indication, at least from the school’s staff, before her arrest that Cevario was planning to carry out violence at the school.

That said, school officials acted as soon as they received word from Cevario’s father, which occurred while classes were in session Thursday.

“We identify the location of the student, go to where the student is and then remove the student to the office,” Doerrer said, outlining the school system’s protocol for handling potential threats. “That’s where law enforcement takes over. ... It’s important to us that we do that in a nondisruptive way and that’s exactly what happened here.”

Counselors and other resources were available for students and staff at Catoctin High School as of Monday morning, which is also outlined in school protocol, Doerrer said, adding that he was also at the school as of just after 11 a.m.

“It is business as usual at Catoctin High,” he said. “It’s quiet.”

The sheriff’s office’s release expressed the agency’s appreciation for the cooperation it received in the investigation from the county school system; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the state and county fire marshal’s offices; and the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office.




Apparently NOT terrorism.

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Trump and his minions can call out all the venom, all the evil that breeds in broken souls and try to use it for their own ends, but men like Ian Grillot that stand up and act, that show the strength of their basic humanity are the ones that will be remembered here. I hope that the Indian community understands the true lesson in this, while evil will always exist we can stand against it together.

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5 minutes ago, Gamebreaker said:


Did you see the "we saw evidence of mental health issues, a number of emotional issues" quote in there? That is the go-to excuse when they can't call it terrorism. 


Plus, she's a white chick.  Ultimate paradox.  You wouldn't want the earth to fold in on itself, would you?

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On 3/6/2017 at 9:02 AM, Elessar78 said:

Maybe I'm being melodramatic. But I feel inside a whole different level of this story—I live in an area where I could be a potential target. Reading this story on over the weekend, did it change my behavior? Sure it did. After the election, I wondered if someone was going to spray paint a swastika on the side of my house. What would I do? How do you explain that to your 3 and 6 year old? Do you leave it up and kinda let it sink in to your neighbors? Or do you take it down immediately. But now, seems like a painted swastika could be the least of my problems. I used to go to the local bars and have a beer, but I don't think I'll be doing that anymore. It's a strange world now—maybe my radar is just up but when I walk into certain places I feel the stares are different than they were in the past. 



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14 hours ago, Gamebreaker said:

Clearly a hate crime, but we won't hear a peep about this from this pathetic administration. Our homegrown terrorists strike again....and continue to get bolder. 


Makes me more emotional, since it happened at the school I went to. That, and I've been confronted by people like that in the past, though probably not as bold to carry out the threats they were making.

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White people need to quit that bull**** of nervously looking the other way and ignoring **** when they hear fellow white people start talking stupid.


And don't play dumb. You all know exactly what I'm talking about. White racists are the dumbest moops around. You have the right skin tone (see not brown) and they'll always assume you think like them and they can talk freely. Every single one of you has experienced it and probably recently.


I don't care if it's family, friend, coworker, stranger, silence isn't an option for us anymore, no matter how uncomfortable the situation is. Don't be a ****. Stand up for something. 


And white parents are obviously having some major issues and failing in big ways right now but I'm not really qualified to speak on that. Just what the ****. Stop letting the Internet raise your kids for you. Lazy. **** is embarrassing. 

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4 hours ago, visionary said:


Crazy times.....


And you think the story looks crazy, from this summary?  


The headline on the story, now, is 'Neo-Nazi' in Florida National Guard arrested after explosives found at Tampa Palms murder scene.  


Seems there's four people sharing an apartment.  


1) Devon Arthurs.

2) Brandon Russell

3)  Jerremy Himmelman

4) Andrew Oneschuk


Police got a 911 call from Arthurs, saying that he had killed Himmelman and Oneschuck.  Upon arrival, Arthurs showed them into the apartment, walking past Russell, who was crying outside.  (Russell had just returned from National Guard drill.)  


But then they find explosives and bomb making materials in the garage.  And Russell says they're his.  (Says he was in an engineering club at school, and he was using them for lifting balloons and things.)  

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A Man Went On A Racist Tirade Because A Guy Talked To His Puerto Rican Mom In Spanish


A man went on a racist tirade in an airport in Reno, Nevada, last week after he overheard another traveler talking to his mother over the phone in Spanish.


In a video that has since gone viral, the man, identified only as "Mike," yells profanities and racial slurs in the airport terminal for more than eight minutes, repeatedly calling the Spanish-speaking traveler a "spic," a "mother****er," and a "piece of ****."


"Learn how to ****ing speak English," he shouts. "We live in America."


"But I'm speaking to my mother in Spanish because that's her language," replies the other man, Hector Torres, who recorded the video.

"I don't give a ****, shut up!" the man responds. "SHUT UP!"


Torres, a 44-year-old father of four from Orlando, Florida, told BuzzFeed News that the unnerving encounter began Thursday evening, as he was speaking on the phone to his mother while waiting to board a flight to Los Angeles.


While on the call, Torres said, he heard someone behind him say, "Can you believe this ****?"


"I'm chatting away with my mom, quietly, not trying to have all kinds of volume at the airport," Torres said. "And I'm like, I hope it wasn't directed at me."


Torres said he tried to ignore the comments, which were loud enough for most people at the terminal to hear. But when he heard the man say, over his shoulder, "Trump is going to fix this. He doesn't understand this is Trump's America now," he decided to get off the phone.


"At that point, I hadn't turned around and I just told her, 'Mami, I have to handle this. I'll call you back,'" Torres said. "I can't let something like this just fly by."



Click on the link for the full article

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