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Happy Birthday America! Happy Independence Day


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Despite her problems and her setbacks this is still a great country and that's because of us.  Those who have volunteered to defend it, those who teach, build, create, and celebrate by exercising the liberties that are inalienable. 


I am free.  My choices to travel, to speak, to be right or wrong, to pray, to act, and to dream are unhindered.  The melting pot lives and my street, my neighborhood, my city is a mixture of ideas, experiences, and ethnicities that is largely embraced and necessary.  My money is accepted, has value, and my needs are met and most of my wants conquerable.


Because of America.  Life is good.

This is a country of plenty, a nation of ideals, and a place of opportunity.  With great stuggle, we have worked to better ourselves and still bare the scars of  past mistakes: slavery, monopolies, mistreatment of the Irish, Chinese, Jews and others.  We aren't there yet.  We still wrestle with who should enjoy full liberty and how free to treat others.  People are inconsistent with allowing some to participate in the American dream because they are defined as other, but we struggle to better ourselves and do on a bumpy road move forward despite some of the retreats and poor decisions by ourselves, by Congress, and even the Supreme Court all who sometimes forget the idea that is at the heart of the Declaration of Independence and in our Constitiution.


So, I say to America Happy Birthday... God Bless and may we who hold liberties torch be better, be strong, and find a way to be consistent to the dream of life, liberty and happiness to all.


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There are two types of nations.  Those who have been to the moon, and those who have not.



Might have to qualify that one.  There a two types of nations.  Those who have sent a man to the moon and those who have not.  I like the sentiment though.

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Happy 4th! So much to celebrate, even with all the things that still blow. I will be  focused on the fun stuff!


I'll personally emphasize a grateful salute to celebrating independence of thought and separation of church and state.



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