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  1. One of my generation's local childhood star. RIP Mr Robinson! Frank Robinson, a trailblazing figure who was Major League Baseball's first African-American manager and one of its greatest players during a career that spanned 21 seasons, died Thursday after a prolonged illness, has learned. He was 83.

    The 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    Forced to watch Atlanta due to cheap cable, I thought Alford was okay but not exceptional. Depends on the price-tag.
  3. True, but a job is a job. Plus hopefully working with one of the young qbs coming out of the draft may make the job more appealing. WHAT AN I SAYING, WORKING FOR SNYDER AND ALLEN WILL SUCK!!!! PROMISE YOU I AM NOT DELUSIONAL!!!!!

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Point taken. Seems I was wearing my anti-Bruce Allen glasses when I read this. Yeah JSSkinz "clickbait headlines" are a bytch!!!!!
  5. Any word on a Qb Coach? I know they interviewed Bill Lazor and Ken Zampese, but no word. Either one is that appealing. The guy I wish they will bring in to talk to is Bill Musgrave.

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No but you don't say he's "day to day" when he was last seen last week at the Wizards game wearing a external fixator.

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Either Bruce Allen is stupid and/or in denial or he thinks we are. Either way a bad look! Day to Day, my buttocks!!!! Bruce Allen says “nonsense” to report Alex Smith is expected to miss 2019 Posted by Josh Alper on January 31, 2019, 3:13 PM EST Getty Images A report this week indicated that Washington is not planning to have quarterback Alex Smith back from his broken right leg in time to play during the 2019 season, but team president Bruce Allen pushed back at that notion on Thursday. Allen called the report “nonsense” during an appearance on The Team 980 and said the quarterback’s condition is improving. “He really is a day-to-day guy,” Allen said, via the Washington Post. Smith didn’t look day-to-day while attending a recent Wizards game with an external fixator attached to his leg, but it may be too early to start ruling out anything about where he’ll be seven-plus months from now. Even if he isn’t ruled out, it’s probably a good idea for the team to consider other options this offseason so they have a plan in place in the event Smith can’t go
  8. No Joke! Redskins hired former Bills assistant Rob Ryan as ILBs coach. Ryan last coached in the NFL in 2016 as assistant head coach/defense on his brother Rex's staff with the Bills. Prior to that, Ryan was the Saints' defensive coordinator from 2013-2015, which was mostly a failure. Ryan has the "name", but he's long overseen some weak defenses. He'll work closely with Reuben Foster and Zach Brown and may have some say in the defensive plan.
  9. Maybe. Bet Danny and Bruce don't want a repeat of a O.C. leaving and having success as a Head Coach.
  10. No rumors of Bruce Allen getting permission to speak to other teams about a President's position? or Danny Boy selling this team and moving someplace else?

    Starting QB 2019???

    Going to be Colt McCoy. Rookie back-up. Maybe a garbage journey-man vet as third stringer. I know Jay don't normally carry 3 qbs, but 2018 may change his mind. Alex may be lucky to go through life walking without a cane let alone come back to the field. If he does we all know it will be 2020 at the earliest.

    Am I Dreaming?????