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  1. I am not looking forward to the brand split either, but I DO think they have enough talent for it. In fact, I'm hoping the split enables some superstars to be elevated . I just hate the idea of two champions...didn't they just unify them?
  2. He's not a good guy, he's not a bad guy...he knows a guy.
  3. WWE also officially released the Brooklyn Brawler, aka Steve Lombardi today, too... no joke. I am unfamiliar with NJPW, so to me, Gallows and Anderson look like standard weak henchmen...which is a shame, because from everything I've read, they were a dominating force. I also simply just see Festus when I look at DG...
  4. Agreed. Plus it'll give more room for No Way Jose to flourish
  5. Apparently Viktor is a good wrestler...trained in the Hart Dungeon. He should join the Social Outcasts I wish they'd push Sandow! He had a great match with Ryback on Main Event/Superstars.
  6. IIRC, didn't they wrestle the day they flew in? And the tour they're on is like, 9 days straight? These guys and girls are phenomenal athletes, but WWE really works 'em to the bone.
  7. I watched some of the segment again and see what you're saying. He had quite a few subtle heelish tendencies that I didn't quite catch the first time. I still think his booking has been atrocious, though. Getting him involved with AJ will help the (hopefully eventual) turn, though.
  8. Reigns had the perfect opportunity to use that hot crowd in his favor to come off as a heel. Totally botched it. "Come on y'all, I'm not a bad guy!" with that smirk on his face was cringeworthy. He just doesn't have the mic skills. Reigns is definitely not being booked as a heel whatsoever. He is being booked as the company's top babyface. But, it's not believable. Not to mention the commentators reminding us last night at every opportunity "This crowd is crazy! They're booing people they'd normally cheer and cheering people they'd normally boo!". Gimme a break, Maggle.
  9. I had never seen Nakamura wrestle before. I was marking the **** out during his entrance (hell even Zayn was marking out). And those elbows! Gained a ton of respect for Zayn after that match, too. I hope others in the WWE Universe do as well.
  10. Anybody else watching NXT Takeover Dallas? Amazing matches. Nakamura / Zayn will be one for the books. Bayley / Asuka ruled and the Balor match is nuts. Joe got cut early on and the ref/med team kept interfering and cleaning up to chants of "PG Sucks" "Bull****" and "Let Joe Be"
  11. Was at the Richmond house show tonight. Had a blast! Here's the card. A few notes: AJ vs Tyler Breeze Ascension vs Hype Bros Becky and Sasha v team bad Jack swagger v miz New day v dudleys v usos Charlotte v Natalya KO v zayn Reigns and Ambrose v sheamus and wade Barrett Really pissed that I missed the AJ/Prince Pretty match. Right as I got in, AJ's music was playing. Mojo was really over and had his own Hype section in the crowd. Ryder looked pretty sharp. Would love a curveball from WWE to have him win the IC belt (but it won't happen). Becky was on Tinder today in Richmond. Fun fa
  12. I thought the promo was fine. He cut a really good one last week on the youtube channel. But...he does need some sort of refresh. He's such a talented worker, you'd think there'd be a way to get that really really over. But, then again, this is WWE... Would mark out hard for this.
  13. They should keep booking Reigns as a berserker. It could easily transition into a heel roll since people love to boo him anyway. And yeah, Shane/Taker makes no sense at all. I do not get the motive. Maybe they're slow playing Taker backing off of the match because what Shane is saying makes sense re: being Vince's *****.
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