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  1. I know it makes the most financial sense but this is the only part of this I got wrong, since he said he didn't wanna go through this 2 years in a row. I guess he doesn't have to but I still thought he'd sign for 5. Has any star outside of Melo stayed with his current franchise after meeting with that many teams? Once I saw the long list of suitors I knew he wasn't coming back. Only was a matter of who'd convince him.
  2. Wade has nothing left to prove in Miami, if he really wants to cash in I'm all for it. I'd love to see him end up on the Bucks or Nuggets, if only because it's becoming really entertaining to watch Cuban strike out every year.
  3. https://twitter.com/WojVerticalNBA/status/748959451755851776 RT @WojVerticalNBA Free agent forward Evan Turner has reached agreement on a four-year, $75M deal with Portland, agent Kevin Bradbury tells @TheVertical. Right after Parsons turned them down for Memphis. This is a crazy time to be alive.
  4. http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/16597101/dwyane-wade-open-free-agency-offers-negotiations-miami-heat-stall I seriously doubt this happens, but if it does AND Whiteside leaves along with Bosh coming back, I almost would feel for the Heat. Last year was a hell of a tease for that fanbase if this really does all fall apart.
  5. Pacers got Thaddeus Young for the 20th pick. Adding him and Teague, Indy is going to be a nuisance next year.
  6. The city of Cleveland is 1-0 in championship series since Robert Griffin signed with the Browns.
  7. Zach Snyder shot down the idea of making Gustin the movie Flash because the show didn't have the right "tone" for his emoverse so I doubt he'd want Cavill to end up in a place where the character can actually enjoy himself. Based on the casting decisions these shows have made I guess Welling could always be Jor-El.
  8. http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/06/06/superman-will-be-introduced-in-supergirl-season-2 SUPERMAN WILL BE INTRODUCED IN SUPERGIRL: SEASON 2 I figured they'd eventually cave and bring him into the universe properly.
  9. I don't post often these days, but when I do I try to make it count.
  10. I made a mental note to file this one away and play it at the right moment. This was that moment.
  11. Only halfway through reading this game thread i missed out on and it's really entertaining.
  12. RT @UPROXXSPORTS UPDATE: #Pelicans wing Bryce Dejean-Jones died from a gunshot wound to the abdomen https://t.co/lAtUqnPz1shttps://t.co/mcLmVVQLma Kid balled out for the Zombie Pelicans at the end of the year. Even if it was under unfortunate circumstances, what a tragedy.
  13. If the reports that Joerger was still actively looking for another gig like he tried with Minnesota a couple years back are true, then I can understand the Grizzlies wanting to move on.
  14. Post All-Star break I'm pretty sure all the metrics swug in his favor. He was a monster down the stretch. Won me my fantasy league as well, so I'm biased.
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