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***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***


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So good to see the Lakers and LeAnkle out of the playoffs.  What a ****ing disaster.


On the flip side, it's still annoying.  I hate it when big market teams are terribly ****ty, they still get a lot of attention.  Like, it's unfathomable to ESPN that a LeBron led Lakers squad could be this bad so there has to be a ton of analysis about it.  "What will it take for the Lakers to get back into the playoffs next year?"  "How does Rob Pelinka fix the roster for next season?"  


Who the **** cares?  Shut the **** up!  Are you giving this much attention to the Thunder and the Kings?  I'm willing to bet not as many people care about the Lakers and LeBron as much as they tell us we should, other than they're watching the playoffs from home.  

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How happy are the Pelicans with the Lakers missing the playoffs? They were 3-16 and have since gone 32-28. They added CJ, they get the Lakers lottery pick and should add Zion next season if he can stay healthy. 

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58 minutes ago, TradeTheBeal! said:

Advantage Deng.




Gonna see a similar tweet in three years when Russ is off there books after they stretch the last year of his deal. 

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That’s nothing, look at John Wall’s contract.


2019-20: 38.2 million, 0 Games Played.

2020-21: 41.2 million, 40 Games Played.

2021-22: 44.3 million, 0 Games Played.


123.7 million 40 games played, or about 3 million per game.  So far.  He’s still owed 47.3 next season.  

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