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***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***


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35 minutes ago, The Evil Genius said:

Karl Malone being shown at HT was bad though. Especially in light of the story coming out about how at 20 he impregnated a 13yo. 

Thought that story was well known.


He probably wasn’t allowed in the stadium because Vanessa Bryant is creeped out by him.  Google that.

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5 hours ago, The Evil Genius said:





Not a fan of but Larry Byrd outside of the top 5 is a ****ing joke. 

only won 3 titles and didn’t have a long career. I wouldn’t take any of the others out for him. 

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1 hour ago, Destino said:

It’s impossible to rank that many individual players because the way they were great, and their circumstances, was so different.  It’s easier to pick a top five than rank 6-75.  


I hear you, and would like to see how the ranking was decided so that can be directly examined and criticized. 


Impossible may be too strong a word, so I'd like to see how they did it and if it can be tweeked or needs to be thrown jn the garbage.


@Dr. Do Itch Big post concerning Curry needing to be over KD is true, totally agree, and a case for not even bothering and jus throwing this whole list and process to make it in the trash, but wheres the fun in that?

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17 minutes ago, CRobi21 said:

BK has awoken from the grave. Taking it to PHI right now.


Think there's only been one "**** Ben Simmons" chant so far...

Only one cause they are getting crushed. If the game turns around, another will happen.

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