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***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***


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On 1/19/2022 at 3:08 PM, tshile said:

Yeah the only thing that sucks is all this snow has severely crippled our ability to practice at home. My driveway is a sheet of ice because we were out of town skiing when the snow came through, so I didn’t get to remove it. And it’s gonna snow again later this week. 

eventually we’ll get back to it. 

his team has 3 kids that are just hands down way ahead of everyone else. They haven’t had all 3 at a game at the same time yet but they’re trouncing everyone. This week I think is the first week all 3 will be there. I’m hoping they put up 40 points 😆 


after watching him go through two seasons of baseball having a rough time, it’s fun to watch him excel even if in a silly context 

You don’t have hardwoods inside?

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11 hours ago, Dr. Do Itch Big said:

I chugged a whole bottom for my boy. 




5 hours ago, Florgon79 said:

You chugged a bottom? Is that like butt chugging? 


3 hours ago, Ball Security said:

You don’t have hardwoods inside?



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It'll be interesting to see what happens with Simmons.  There is no doubt he didn't want to play for the Sixers this year.


But he really did have issues in the Atlanta series.


Then in terms of winning or losing this trade, it is hard to say until Simmons is on the floor again.  If he can't/won't shoot from 5 feet from the basket, won't attack the basket, and is a 35% FT shooter, he's not really a very useful player.


If he has the basketball equivalent of the yips that have happened a few times in baseball, then this isn't a good trade for the Nets.


(It is especially going to be interesting in that he's going to somewhere he's going to be scrutinized, and they are expecting to at least compete for a championship.  He's not going somewhere where people aren't going to care and if he struggles this year and are willing to take a mulligan this year.)

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