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You Know You Grew Up In the 80's If....


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My 6 year old son really enjoys battleship, the board game. I think they have it at school or something, he came home a few months ago asking me about it. I actually have the battleship game I had when I was a kid from the early 80s. After rooting around in the attic for it, I found it. Cheap plastic contraption with cheap plastic pegs. On the back it says "Made in USA". I about fainted. It's amazing how much we've lost in such a short amount of time.

you had a pair of sunglasses with side glare protectors

you practiced the moonwalk, repeatedly

you had a garbage pail kids collection. And you remember hiding them from the teachers as you negotiated trades in the back of the class.

You remember walking and riding your bike everywhere. And you look back on those days not with fondness, but more of a WTF were my parents thinking?

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You secretly enjoy Wham. (come on, you know you do)

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It sounds like our childhood experiences were very similar.

The bike thing. Man, we rode everywhere. Built jumps out of wood and bricks and went to town in the culdesac. Good times.

LMAO I remember building ramps for my bike.... I also remember busting my ass a few times too :(

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Had only channels.....4,5,7,9.20 and 50

Yup, and in our case 26. It was PBS and to this day I still mentally picture #26 when I think of PBS. Later on we got channel 13 from Baltimore and that was a coup.

Black and white TV. The Jeffersons. 3's company. Walter Cronkite. 3-2-1 contact. The Electric company.

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