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  1. Skyfall!! Loved the plot!! Wished there was more fighting and things blowing up!!
  2. You still can.... nflshop.com. Only Really large sizes available tho. Maybe just frame it.
  3. ^^^^ Cool thing about that photo above, is he looks just like a regular guy who plays football. Not a Ripped, Super Athlete, like we have now a days.
  4. Bummed! I can't believe I marked this on my calendar with great anticipation. Will def buy the gloves and hope the retail authentics are very similar to the gamers, otherwise I will be passing. ---------- Post added April-3rd-2012 at 01:23 PM ---------- Someone Tweeted that Year 1 was supposed to introduce new materials and Nike itself. Years 2 and 3 will incoporate more changes (style wise).
  5. I wonder if the gloves will be for retail sale? Would be kind of cool instead of those big winter gloves or cotton gloves. I would def buy if they were below $40.
  6. Yup!! I bought an Authentic Personalized!! Took me months to save for but worth every penny!! Just have to get it framed. On a side not.... When I went to get it framed, guy recommended Cleveland Cavs colors to best match the matting (for the background).
  7. I can't wait for the Nike jerseys. I love the brand and was excited when I found out about the agreement. I purchased one gamer and can't wait to get another one. Also an authentic personalized
  8. Yup, couldn't agree more. Loved the spear on the helmet and Jersey. If only they made the facemask gold/mustard to match the spear not the grey color!
  9. Too Many Adds!! You can't even here the game.
  10. Quick question, if the game is on national tv, will it still be streamed on espn.com or nbc.com? Don't have cable but do have a computer.
  11. Hey guys, is it offensive to ask how much you paid for them? I am wanting to buy one but don't want to pay too much. I guess what I am trying to figure out is how much is a reasonable price.
  12. Whens the season start? Cant wait!! I found out that my lil 9 yr old nephew cries when the skins lose. Great story, when the Rams beat us last year, he cried all of Sunday. My brother said he kept asking "why didnt they get a stop?!?" lol!!
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