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  1. Halfway kidding? You just claimed I called you names. I'm frankly still stunned by that. It's a false accusation. PERIOD In fact you misrepresented me twice.I haven't considered myself a conservative since the 80s. One of the things that turned me off about republicans was the use of the word libtard. I have always said I am an independent. My record here backs me up. I may come down strongly on one side or another of any subject but it is NEVER for party reasons. You want to know the first time I got banned? I cant remember his handle at the moment, One of the founders of the site before it was bought out... he was a surgeon I believe. Anyway the subject was Israel bulldozing the homes of terrorists families. Not just the terrorist themselves. but punitive damages on their families. It was cruel, inhumane and probably created more terrorists. BLADE... That was his name.... Blade thought it was just fine and when I took the "liberal" position and disagreed he called me an ant-semite. I went off on his ***. Yeah.... pure hard core conservative. That's me. In this thread alone there are dozens of examples of you-know-who plugging away with smart *** comments, doing things like working the "rules" by sarcastically a calling me a "genius" to suggest i'm stupid in an underhanded way. Flinging **** against the wall for no other reason than to crap all over a serious discussion. THAT is disrespectful too. But he second I say anything back, I'm the bad guy. And we're back to my screen name.... Really? Enjoy the low hanging fruit. Color me disappointed
  2. Maybe its because republicans sabotaged it from the start. Fact: Obamacare gave more people access to health insurance. Fact: Republicans have thrown people off. Fact: The US is the ONLY advanced nation in the world where you can work your ass off, do everything right, and STILL go bankrupt due to medical bills even if you have insurance. Yay America. I'll be sure to stand for the anthem. (for those who wonder - that's sarcasm. I will not stand for the flag until Trump and his corrupt gang of thieves is gone.)
  3. I know. I follow it all. I said this to a scientist just the other day... These days everyone make a point of thanking military personnel for their service. Which is fine. I was doing it long before it was popular. But scientists like yourself deserve our thanks too. So thank YOU for fighting the good fight and advancing human knowledge, even if some are too corrupt or brainwashed to listen. Meantine I'll continue to do what little I can with things like this... BTW - love the handle. I read pretty much all of the Elric books back in HS. I bucked them up for the cool cover art and stuck around for the stories.
  4. Here is what I strongly suspect is happening. Mueler is prosecuting the low hanging fruit first to establish that there was in fact criminal activity. Once these criminal activities have been proven to have happened it will make it that much harder for those at the center of the investigation (Trump) to say they did nothing wrong. I believe Mueller is building one hell of a case. The only question in my mind is whether the Trump loyalists will ignore the rule of law and commit open treason with an attempted coup. And for those who don't think it could happen... Have you ever seen Trump admit wrong doing or back down from anything? I believe that is the point where we may actually have a second civil war. It won't be like the first. It will be house to house, neighbor against neighbor. I have seen and talked to a lot of crazy right wingers that want it to happen and believe they will slaughter liberals who they believe will be unarmed because "libtards don't like guns" You may think I'm paranoid. Maybe I am. But if you are as outspoken as me and have pissed off as many crazy right wingers as I have, I recommend you get a little paranoid and prepare to defend yourself.
  5. So the fact that the rest of us are better off going somewhere else for affordable care is just fine? Or don't you want to address the FACT that americans have to go to INDIA for affordable health care.
  6. I'm doing OK. But I have never called you a libtard. EVER. And if you can, go back and read a few posts from back then, me and Sarge often got into it big time. I probably have disagreed with you at some point over something. I may have even agreed with Sarge on a specific issue (maybe. he was pretty radical if I recall) but you must be thinking of someone else. I'm not pointing fingers or naming names but a quick glance at the first dozen or so pages of this thread should make my point about this thread. Here we are years later and the best hope we have right now is a bunch of kids doing exactly what I said should be done. I'm not looking for apologies or a pat on the back but I will stand up for myself and say that maybe my idea wasn't so crazy after all.
  7. Back to addressing adults..... Remember way back when... Back when I started this thread? Does anyone remember how I was ridiculed?
  8. Write a letter to your grandchildren and tell them that. I'll sleep better at night knowing your grandchildren will curse your name.
  9. Oh really.... The fact is, only the rich come here for treatment. Meanwhile....
  10. Interesting.... Sources: FBI investigation continues into 'odd' computer link between Russian bank and Trump Organization Here's where it gets REALLY strange.... I am NOT trying to start a conspiracy theory... there just isn't enough evidence for that. But there are a lot of coincidences and it bears watching to see where this investigation leads.
  11. Actually my first move was to say "I'm sorry" But lets just agree to both try harder to understand each other and move along shall we? Clearly I'm Mad Max. It's even part of my name already.
  12. Well EXCUSE ME. I was trying to make nice. Would you rather we have a duel to the death or something?