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  1. I heard we were switching to maroon and black.
  2. Larry Brown #43

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    It's strange that they'd do that, but I can't decide if I should be bothered by it or not. It's possible whoever posted it didn't even realize what they were doing. They might have just grabbed the first Skins/Patriots photo they could find and didn't look at it closely, although that's probably unlikely. If they had shown a photo of him getting beaten on a play or something, that would be in poor taste. I guess this is no big deal, but it is a little strange if nothing else. EDIT: They've changed the photo.
  3. We won't be wearing burgundy pants at Dallas unless we go for a burgundy-on-burgundy look, which we've never done before. Cowboys will wear their white jerseys, meaning we'll be wearing burgundy tops. So the white pants are the logical combination with that. I think Zorn chose the white-on-white look at home because of the hot weather we've had.
  4. Maybe there should be a sub-forum devoted to uniform talk, instead of a 181-page train wreck? :laugh:
  5. What pants would you prefer them with? Please don't say burgundy on burgundy. That's just awful. Now, burgundy tops with the gold pants is a sweet look.
  6. I think that's from the 50s...anyway it's sweet looking.
  7. Larry Brown #43

    The "Taken out of context" thread.

    --Approaching a Girl thread
  8. Larry Brown #43

    The "Taken out of context" thread.

    From the Brandon Lloyd highlight video thread from March 2006.
  9. I grew up with the Skins wearing white at home, so that's the way I like it.
  10. For what it's worth, my understanding is that we'd be wearing them for two home games this year, and we've obviously only worn them once thus far. But if we're on a three-game roll heading into the Dallas game, I'd be kinda surprised to see us change things up.
  11. Man it irritates me when people say our spear helmet looks like Florida State. They imitated OUR helmets, not the other way around. When the Skins retired the spear helmets, this is what FSU was wearing. OUR spear helmets came first, by far:
  12. A guy at a Redskins Store (can't remember which location) told me we'd be wearing the throwbacks today. So either he was misinformed, or else the team was trying to create a diversion.