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  1. Could be me but Durant grew up here...... Instead of going to a public high school he went to a private school Did not even think of going to college park Did not even give his hometown a meeting Other than the monstrose thing which he probably did to get exposure I may be wrong but this guy sure likes to go the easy route. I'm not debating he has love for this area but dude literally likes to go to teams that are really good. I use to be a fan but can't really stand him, is it me being bitter....sure.
  2. I actually like the possible designs for a new stadium, very different with how they want to do parking.
  3. Confused....why can't we throw a max offer to Gordon Heyward .....instead of Otto? Is that even possible?
  4. Love, love Otto....great team player that does everything , that being said I hope we do not re sign him. It's crazy to pay MAX money to 12.2 pts a game. There are a lot of players that give you that for a lot less..the question is who could they possibly target?
  5. Think we should trade Otto......at first I thought you need to re sign but looking at his numbers , they are really average. I'm sure they can find a similar 3 man that puts up similar numbers at a lesser value. If anything our money should be directed to a big man. ....Gortats 8 pts a game is not going to cut it.
  6. Noel with the mavs.....then will be free agent but Dallas probably going to offer max to him. That being said we do need a big man..Gortat maybe the most uncoordinated coordinated player if that makes any sense.
  7. Thanks, it was a 5lb flat, temp fluctuated a little took out at 195 but came out slightly dry....still good but think my temp was too high as high as 275 ish at times .....first cook though
  8. Just got a new offset smoker and doing a 5lb brisket any advice out there....... Going to season with just salt and pepper Smoke at 250 to 275 Wrap at 150 degrees internal Put foiled brisket back till it reaches internal of 200 degrees Spray occasionally with apple juice and water mix Sit for an hour Anything else I should do...... Also recommendations on how to keep the fire steady
  9. Thoughts...trade Beal to Boston for their pick and pick up Buddy Hield?
  10. Problem is all these food channels and chefs using brisket, short ribs..even 0x tails that used to be cheap are considered trendy now have jacked up the prices.
  11. It's going to be an interesting 48 hrs in cp.....
  12. Im so not patient....want us to hire somebody, going to be very tricky with Locksley. They either find a way of keeping him on staff if not we stand the possibility of losing a lot of recruits and other recruits that are 50/50 in going to MD.
  13. Man looking back at the 2011 nil draft.....how would you re do the picks 1-11.......a lot of good players and only 2 busts, JJ Watt or Cam ?
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