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Obamacare...(new title): GOP DEATH PLAN: Don-Ryan's Express


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16 minutes ago, twa said:


You can presently get coverage under several life changing events under the ACA outside the open enrollment window..


But those are tied to loss of coverage at work, also if a condition is pre-existing then could that really be seen as a life changing event, it was life changing before it became pre-existing.


It's not clear, I feel like most of these people we're focusing on wouldn't get ACA anyway, but I could be wrong.


I can tell you the ACA wouldn't let me sign up this year outside of my 60 day window for losing coverage at work (I forfeited coverage).


I also had a pre-existing condition, its a nasty one too.


EDIT:  Ok after digging in deeper this pool of money will be for those people who live in states who opt out and kick everyone with pre-existing conditions out of coverage.

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7 minutes ago, skinsmarydu said:

Btw, how you doin'?  I remember almost falling out of my chair when you posted about that Neulasta shot.:o

Thanks for asking,


I just completed my 3rd round last Tuesday, its kicking my ass but only for about 12 or 13 days from the day treatment starts.  After that your body comes back to normal and you start to feel ok but then its time for another round.


I just got my doc to give me an extra week before my next round, all in all its not very much fun but its manageable with proper support from family.

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Obamacare helped make a 50% dent in personal bankruptcies


Medical bills, which are famously costly and unpredictable, have been historically estimated as the leading cause of bankruptcy filings. Other reasons include a lost job, reduced income and divorce, Gaudreau said.

A 2009 Harvard study estimated medical issues were responsible for 62% of bankruptcies, while a 2013 NerdWallet analysis based on the Harvard study came to a more conservative conclusion, or 57%. (Another study, done at Northeastern University, found a far lower rate, or 18% to 25%.)

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7 minutes ago, LadySkinsFan said:

Does the Senate need 60 votes to pass? In that case, it's dead.


At least the Representatives will be on record, Dems should run hard on it.

No.  They can pass it through the reconciliation process.  

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13 minutes ago, Busch1724 said:


Funny, but truly didn't bankruptcy laws change during the Bush years? Just looked it up...was during 2005.


also in 2010

They were trending down before ACA, which usually happens when you make them harder....and the fiscal bloodbath crested.

I'm sure ACA reduced it some.


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Maybe this just needs to happen as the GOP wants. If it hurts and a lot of people including their supporters are impacted negatively by this. Then so be it. This is going to keep happening via the same people over and over. Hopefully, there are a number of states out there who use the good parts of the ACA and build on that for their residents. 

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1 minute ago, TryTheBeal! said:

"There's nothing that can be done" is basically the GOP mantra for 50 years running.  Unless, you can drop a bomb on it...then the GOP is quick to implement policy.

So what's the solution?

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9 minutes ago, Kilmer17 said:

1- We have a serious problem with health care in the US.

2- Obamacare isnt the answer

3-The GOP doesnt have the answer


So what do we do?


Who knew health care was so complicated?





*On a serious note, I really see no Republican model for health-care that makes any sense besides you 100% dismantle the FDA and change the entire health industry to where we are all free to go see whatever quack, cheap-ass, Dr Nick, Wal-Mart Medicine we want. Not sure we could get through the pains of that process to where it would need to be. People are too greedy. 


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  • Jumbo changed the title to Obamacare...(new title): GOP DEATH PLAN: Don-Ryan's Express

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