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  1. I thought it was pretty funny that Lamar Alexander gave Trump a hiking staff after his "Yo Semites" signing ceremony. Can you imagine Trump going on a hike in the woods ? My bet is he told a staffer to put it in the trash as soon as he got away from the cameras.
  2. Trump's answers to Swan's questions about Ghilaine Maxwell have a decided mafia tone to them. Add: My avatar is now a broken image icon And there's my username on full display with it repeated underneath with "Redskin" blanked out. I'm happy to change it but have no idea how. Dibs on "FootballTeamFan44"
  3. If true his death was caused by the President's desperate need to have his ego stroked.
  4. It's tragic but it's also infuriating. It sure seems likely that Cain died promoting an event that Trump held because he needs the adulation of a crowd of supportersand he wanted to signal that Covid is not a threat. Pure idiocy. Died for a failed vanity project.
  5. I don't buy this. It ignores the huge number of people who have suffered financial hits over four months now and who's jobs are not likely to come back anytime soon. Even after a vaccine is available (which will take a long time to get distributed) a large number of people are going to be reticent to go out to eat, go to concerts, sporting events, etc. Maybe if it had "just gone away" in May things would have quickly bounced back. The faucet is getting turned off on the 3 trillion in free money that's been floating the economy and if, as I suspect, the Ds take over in January the Rs are going to be fighting tooth and nail for austerity because of the "disastrous national debt".
  6. We just spent a couple months paying everyone that in UI benefits. Stock market didn't seem to care.
  7. If we're going to choose a name for a kick ass walk on song my vote is for Thunder.
  8. Let it go people, it's done. We still have a football team in Washington. We're still in the best part of the year to be a fan of our team. If you're a season ticket holder you're going to save a lot of money. Add: Does my moniker change to FootballTeamFan44 automatically or do I have to do that myself?
  9. Along the Feds line of thought we could be the Washington Revenuers and keep the R. Fits with how a good chunk of the country views our city
  10. I like RedWolves for a number of reasons (mainly I have been interested in them since they tried to reintroduce them to the Smokies) but I certainly get your desire for a clean break. However, considering superfan Snyder is the guy making the decision I doubt you're going to see a clean break. Probably have to drag him kicking and screaming from just the NA theme.
  11. You would hope so but there's a real good chance we're looking at a repeat of April coming up. I don't think 500k but coming close to 240k or even surpassing that this year wouldn't surprise me.
  12. I feel like we need someone to do a "Team with no name" parody of "Horse with no name". Add: For the young-uns.