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  1. Michael Weiss is doing hilarious predictions for Trump cronies on Twitter.
  2. Soulless for short. As we tell our kids, use your gifts for good, not evil.
  3. Conley said Trump asked about it at the presser, said he didn't give it to him. Add: REPORTER: Has hydroxychloroquine been considered as a viable treatment option for the president? CONLEY: We discussed it. He asked about it. He's not on it now.
  4. The implications of the ACA being gone are huge. What replaces it? I don't see the environment in which a new plan can get passed for at least two years, and God knows Trump doesn't have a plan.
  5. Rest in Peace RBG I wonder about the political calculus here. If Trump and Co ram through a new Justice (I expect them to) doesn't Trump lose a bit of motivation for his voters? The judges thing is pretty much a done deal. They have until January. I don't think anything will stop them, certainly not a sense of honor or decorum.
  6. Here's a cool photo I saw posted. So 60s
  7. I'm digging the Emmapeeler She was a cool cat.
  8. Andy Harris is the MD congressional representative. DelMarVa is Trump country.
  9. My guess is they realize they need another stunt like the plasma announcement to try and appear to be actually working on the pandemic. Absolutely astounding that they need to do this.
  10. I saw someone say a county soccer field that lost funding in 2013.
  11. I wouldn't count on Barron landing on the good side given the environment he is growing up in. Time will tell but Donald grew up with a detached father.
  12. In addition to what Llevron said, even if they are there because of concerns about people being able to vote by mail perhaps they are protesting for those that are homebound by fears of the virus, like my 89 year old mother.
  13. I've had some very bad experiences with both companies recently, and managing to speak to a human who can actually do something for you is an arduous task. I don't have any more faith in them than the USPS beyond the fact that the USPS is now run by a Trump crony. I would encourage anyone who can to vote in person this go round, at least if you're planning on voting for Biden.
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