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  1. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

    By definition impeachment removes a duly elected POTUS. That argument is really tired. As to people having strong negative opinions of him from the start,see Cruz and Graham.
  2. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

    Some of these Republican representatives don't seem like our best and brightest. Add::And they made it to the judiciary committee.
  3. It's pretty rich to hear Graham disparage members of the FBI for saying negative things about Trump when this was him back then. I hope a Democrat points this out.
  4. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

    Do you think that the House did not have an obligation to bring impeachment charges regardless of political implications? I do. So let the chips fall where they may, if Trump is allowed to cheat he will win too.
  5. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

    Fox News. Dumb it down, make it simple and visceral, like hate. Like incentivizing people to reduce impervious surfaces becomes "rain tax" and it gets defeated, with Ellicott City subsequently getting destroyed twice in two years by runoff. Unfortunately someone should aim higher.
  6. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

    We're all beaten down by the endless stream of corruption. He won't be removed, but this has to be done to establish a historic record that someone tried to stop it. I believe truly damning things are going to come out about Trump in the near future (maybe not before the election) that are going to make his sychophants look really bad.
  7. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

    Just have them imagine Hillary refusing to testify about Benghazi because of Executive Privilege.
  8. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

    They are rolling with 2 and 3. I think their reasoning is Barr managed to get him off on 1. I sort of feel like the "unindicted co.conspirator 1" Cohen thing would check the Republicans' "where's the crime" box, but maybe it's too Clintonesque.
  9. I like Harris, but an intriguing option I've seen floated that checks the geographic box is Val Demmings, congresswoman from the 10th district of FL and former chief of police for Orlando.
  10. Joe's way more likable than Hillary, and male, which helps him with a lot of Trump voters. He needs to pick a solid running mate who will inspire young voters. I would like to have him say he would only serve for four years if elected, but I doubt that happens (him saying that) for a lot of reasons.
  11. RedskinsFan44

    Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    She's running in 2024 (and losing).
  12. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

  13. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

    It's fantastic to see the cognitive dissonance in these people who can't understand how the Ds can get phone records while Hillary, Obama, Comey etc remain free with Barr in charge of the DOJ.
  14. RedskinsFan44

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    It is, but his scorched earth politics combined with trashing Baltimore set this up. Should be some great outrage on Fox tonight about unruly youth.
  15. RedskinsFan44

    The Impeachment Thread

    CNN poll has 1007 respondents, ES has 176.,.impeachment.pdf