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Obamacare...(new title): GOP DEATH PLAN: Don-Ryan's Express


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They don't care. They know perfectly well that most Americans don't like their plans and many would suffer under them. Paul Ryan just wants his Ayn Rand wet dream of tax cuts for the "makers" and **** the "takers" to be fulfilled. The Freedom Caucus just wants to yell about stuff. Trump just wants to "win", somehow prove he is better than Obama, and couldn't give two flying ****s what is actually in the bill. He doesn't even read his own Executive Orders, do you really think he'd even read a bullet point document of what was in a full healthcare bill?

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Well, all the article says about the actual proposal is "The proposal would allow states to opt out of key Obamacare regulations under certain conditions.".  


The actual text of the bill (it's linked within the article) is pretty short, but really doesn't say much of anything without referring to lots of other things.  Like, it would allow any state to apply to, instead of using some formula that's not explicitly specified, to use some other formula which the state wants to use, instead..  


But if I'm extrapolating the third option correctly, it looks like something that was mentioned brfore.  Specifically, giving states the ability to exempt themselves from things which Obamacare specifies have to be covered.  For example, it would allow states to sell "health insurance" that didn't cover any services performed in a hospital, or any services not performed in a hospital.  


(This, apparently, is what Republicans consider to be making things better.)  

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When the repeal efforts failed the first time and a lot of people were laughing & mocking, I on the contrary was more or less more worried about the follow up effort that was looming, considering the reason it failed was due to lack of votes from GOPers who wanted the repeal/changes to be even worse than what was in that legislation.  We already know for a fact that what the HFC wants is abominable, the question is how many other GOPers can be swayed into accepting it.

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  • Jumbo changed the title to Obamacare...(new title): GOP DEATH PLAN: Don-Ryan's Express

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