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Jessica or Flo - Insurance Chick Face-off

Dan T.

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I'm sure you've seen her in the State Farm Insurance ad - hapless Jerry calls Jessica at State Farm after he drives his car up a pole - again.


Were you like me, wondering about the actress playing Jessica, with her combination of wholesome and hot? If so, you might be as surprised as I was to find out that Jessica isn't an actress, but is in fact a State Farm insurance agent, Jessica Declercq, working out of Mayville, North Dakota.


It's almost enough to make you switch to State Farm, if not move to North Dakota.

On the other hand Progressive Insurance girl Flo


is actually an actress named Stephanie Courtney (who actually looks better outside of her "Flo" personna, IMO).

So... which insurance chick would you prefer to have a "collision waiver" with

Jessica (Jessica Declercq)



Flo (Stephanie Courtney)


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I didn't vote because of the following: if limited to the on air characters, then Jessica. If expanded to the real life women's pictures, then the actress who plays Flo.

The character of Flo is grating to me. At first the commercials were quirky but now they are annoying, except for the motorcycle one where she has perfect Flo hair when she takes off her helmet. That makes me laugh!

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I like this hot babe

Hahaha I drive past the Kennedy Center/Watergate to & from work and there are always hot girls running by the river and I feel just like that guy sometimes trying to keep one eye on the road and one on the chicks


And I agree I can't stand that Flo girl.

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