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  1. My arrow no worky any more for some reason/fully aware of the function and rules. Visual effect was required for comparison. So, I'm assuming if you all don't see it somewhere else first and then repost it here it's not funny.:notworthy
  2. Winning More Than Cleavage! Look at the left shoulder and bicep of the girl in front of Miss Cleavage. Whoa!
  3. So instead of sitting there posting, wipe your ass and let someone else take a dump. You are the one with the issues.
  4. http://www.wistv.com/story/16498936/dramatic-texas-car-chase-caught-on-video
  5. Maybe somebody in Hawaii could help.
  6. Then it will be time to hit the"Keeping It Real" world. Let us know how you do.
  7. Get rid of the now lame "Bedwear" poll. After 29,000+ posts in this thread and only 458 votes, I'm sure nobody cares.
  8. LOL!! During regular season and their lack of performance i saw the decline of Cowturd apperal here in the DC area. Since the end of the season it's on the rise again!!! Saw (2) dorks today/SuperBowl Sunday at the grocery store w/ girls garb on :doh: :ols::ols::ols::ols::ols::ols: :finger:__ **** the Cowboys**** the Cowboys **** the Cowboys **** the Cowboys__ :finger:
  9. Here are some of the new TSA Bumper Stickers just released .
  10. http://summersfarm.com/blog/one-little-two-little-three-little-indians/ Someone sent me this in an email. Thought I would share with anyone interested. Click on the above link for more info. :dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck
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