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  1. Couple of aspects to the Moore story I thought are interesting. First, the cheerleader's Mom was THRILLED when she learned her daughter was dating Roy Moore because he had attained near god-like status in that part of Alabama. Kinda reminded me about how "when you're a star they just let you do it", something another politician once said. Other thing is the cheerleader was 18 so that's enough to excuse his interest for some Repubs. If that was his only transgression it would still be creepy in my book, but he allegedly went well younger than that. Much is being made of her story t
  2. Bill Clinton has been identified as having visited the resort on the island known as "pedo island". As the guest of the creep who ran the underage kids part of the place. But none of the underage girls have accused him of anything. In fact they haven't found any of the girls who even saw him. Trump also visited the island repeatedly and partied with thr pedo back in NY. In Trump's case there is a girl who says Trump visited her repeatedly for sex when she was 13 years old. There is an older woman who was there and corroborated the girl's story, and if memory serves me correctly al
  3. Considering how others at his ranch bragged they had snipers ready to kill every BLM agent within seconds, I'm thinking it will be a long time before old Cliven is free again. Maybe he'll get to learn more about "the Negro" and the pleasures of living in captivity.
  4. Sounds like that idiot Fry is trying to talk himself into doing something really stupid. That wacky congresswoman is actually doing a commendable job trying to talk him out.
  5. I lasted about 5 minutes. Every body in the conversation were masturbating each other with religious and patriotic self righteousness.
  6. Saw a mention that the Bundy's lawyer got in trouble for supplying booze to an underage girl. I don't know what that's all about but jeebus this whole crowd is just a bunch of grubby trailer trash.
  7. About as far as those Seals did parachuting in reinforcements. Right after the shooting I had some brief hope. Free Republic actually had some voices of moderation. By now anybody not screaming "murder" is being accused of being an fbi plant.
  8. Interesting. Thanks. I'll take your word for it as I have no desire to watch the end. But you are surely correct that the nutters will never accept this. They've already deified the guy as a patriot martyr.
  9. So the ultimatum is, "drop the charges or you'll kill me"? Is that the kind of thing you tell an out of control tyrannical despot? A jackboot thug Nazi representative of the police state?
  10. Give these halfwits an excuse to save face. Da fibbies had ta bring in You Ess Army equipment to smoke us out! We had 'em sweatin BIG time! Probably cheaper in the long run and avoids thinning the herd, despite the obvious boost in the gene pool that would result.
  11. There was a video of a chubby guy in front of what looked like their compound challenging Chris Christie to a wrestling match. It reeked of fake but so did the snacks, the chocolate penises, tarp man, and so many other things. I just can't tell anymore. I only saw it once, if I can find the link I'll post it.
  12. I couldn't figure that one either. I assume some kind of sentry in hiding from the TV camera. I know, he can't see out, the reporter already knew his name, the tarp offered zero protection from an attack, even if he cut eyeholes in the tarp how could he see or hear hostiles with a live broadcast only feet away. But what else could it be? I hate it that a guy died whatever the circumstances. But overall this had been one of the most astounding spectacles in my lifetime. Oh yeah - was the sumo wrestler for real? Instinct says no way but I honestly can't tell any more.
  13. Dude making those video updates sounds like a mousy little fella.
  14. Sucks for him. Best wishes to the guy. Cowpoke or not I hate to see a potentially great career jeopardized by injury.
  15. Is that because they're yelling "ohgawdohgawdohgawdohgawd" all the time?
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