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  1. redskinss The Rookie Members 1,765 posts Posted 24 minutes ago Could someone with better grammar and punctuation than me please start a reason to be optimistic thread. Our fanbase is at the precipice looking down and we're still a month away from playing any meaningful football. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Positive energy thread, only good vibes allowed, don't bring me down bro....Everything gonna be aight.... Post one good thing about the Redskins or just keep quiet and focus on the good in your life. NO Fan Cards excepted.
  2. SWFLSkins

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I got nothing...
  3. Agree Martin, nice roundup.
  4. My Man's in....HE's Ready.
  5. Get on the field, get the ball. Slot TE is my vote.
  6. Like the GIF or not, it's appropriate here...lol
  7. Thank you. Without you, I wouldn’t have been a Buckeye. I wouldn’t be a Washington Redskin. I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Without you guiding me, teaching me, holding me accountable, loving me, and supporting me, I don’t know where I would be. I’m a mama’s boy, through and through. You always say that, as a parent, you know you’re doing a good job when your kids do better than you. Thank you for setting that bar so high. Happy Mother’s Day.
  8. The Redskins want to improve Haskins' footwork. They want him to get comfortable dropping back from under center, something he didn't do with the Buckeyes. They want him to get used to resetting his feet under pressure. "With the quarterback, it starts with the basics," Gruden said. "He's a guy that didn't call a lot of plays in the huddle. So we're talking about breaking the huddle and calling plays in the huddle, and the snap count, getting guys lined up, going through his progressions, his footwork -- not only in the passing game but in the running game. There's a lot thrown at him. It's a long process, but he's a bright guy. I was impressed."
  9. Did you at least enjoy the complimentary music? I really think He'll be great, just not sure how soon.....
  10. HOLLA,, numbers serve those who choose to use them, when they choose to.
  11. WE apologize dearest overlord, please feel free to skip over these threads that are LIKE annoying to you. Please enjoy this play list at no charge as one time courtesy for your inconvenience. https://rewind943.com/daynnah-carmona/the-top-10-most-annoying-songs-that-will-definitely-get-stuck-in-your-head/
  12. Good, Good, Good Vibrations....
  13. The national-local beat-radio guys (Hoffman, Keim, Finlay, Paulsen, Sheehan, Garfalo, Russini) more or less said Jay wanted a pass rusher at 15 and not a Qb period. Now why would Jay not want a QB? lol....this narrative IMO was false. Or I don't care, WE got both.
  14. Niles was a victim of the injury bug,,,every time about to break out He got hurt....and then Reed happened, and then it happened to Reed....jeezus please bless this team with health.
  15. SWFLSkins

    Adrian Peterson or Tony Dorsett?

    Many people compared Dorsett and Barry Sanders at the time. Dorsett had the benefit of a team,,,,,Sanders didn't,,,,AP really hasn't, yet still they produce.
  16. 6:20 AM - 1 May 2019 7 Retweets 47 Likes The Koolaid stand is open and enjoying a brisk business....good Ju-Ju freshly flowing.