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  1. redskinss The Rookie Members 1,765 posts Posted 24 minutes ago Could someone with better grammar and punctuation than me please start a reason to be optimistic thread. Our fanbase is at the precipice looking down and we're still a month away from playing any meaningful football. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Positive energy thread, only good vibes allowed, don't bring me down bro....Everything gonna be aight.... Post one good thing about the Redskins or just keep quiet and focus on the good in your life. NO Fan Cards excepted.
  2. This is huge, solidifies the DL for three years to come.....
  3. For those in the DMV area, you maybe looking for a draft event,,,here's a good Ju-ju draft party....
  4. 2005 before that,,,so yeah in theory our numbers coming in this year.
  5. Ion Nation Mon, back in the fold for 3 years, build that Zion Lion D....
  6. Sorry, it was not the part of the tweet I meant to post.....I just wanted the Good Vibrations mon.
  7. That was such a great throw back.....LOL
  8. Hope WE Seal the Deal.......
  9. And Paul is a great guy, not hard to understand where He is coming from...that said, Did the WE give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  10. SWFLSkins

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    so many threads this could have went into......