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  1. ****ing Packers fans man. They stopped fooling me a long time ago. Middle America my ass
  2. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm so wired. Have important meeting in DC in the AM. Debating whether it's even worth trying to go to sleep. **** the moon. Any chance Hitler was gay? I can't think of another dictator in history who didn't bang chicks left and right, rape or not.
  3. Stepsister, parents marry when she is 16. No go? or **** it? Just watching this thing about Mussolini. His father was against it. Thought it would make the family look bad. Anyone wanna guess what way serial rapist Mussolini went? Bonus points: what were the end results? Ftr, Mussolini was 20
  4. Lucky ****. I was 1-****ing-80 when I got back from Denver (whenever that was. RTT live posted my entire drive. Less than two days ****es. I'm a beast. But yeah, October iirc?) Big part of the reason I came back. Lost 40 pounds there cause my bro ****ed me over and I ate nothing but Easy Mac for like 6 months. True I worked at a Mexican Restaurant there and true I love Mexican food but.....omg. I was their main delivery driver. I have no idea how I made money. El Costello. They used to try to force me to eat their food. Did so twice. Can't-go-wrong soft tacos once and arguably my favorite dish
  5. And isn't that a chocolate chip cookie? What are those, raisins?
  6. Honest to God, wouldn't even have thought about it if you hadn't thrown in that part about using your mommy's credit card.
  7. If Judge Judy if making $47 mil this year, I honestly wonder what her "bailiff" is pulling in Bailiff Byrd? Been on the show from the start, 1996.
  8. The Korean War doesn't get enough love. The Communists basically conquered the entrie peninsula, we hadn't given a **** about Korea one way or another (I wonder would have happened if the South had just voted Communist) but after China, all of a sudden Korea mattered. So the Soviet Union was throwing some temper tantrum at the UN and were boycotting some ****. Fine. They weren't there to veto anything so we actually built a UN Army to fight the North. Script gets flipped, ee finally get our **** together and take over damn near the entire peninsula. Then out of no where China comes in with
  9. Man those were the days. How many are still around from then? Me,you, Mboyd (Try the Beal!), Destino, BRAVEONTHEWARPATH, Vishal I think (No Excuses now--man me and him were tight as **** then. Went to a few Wiz and Nats games. Still not sure why he cut me off), skinfan2k (though he wasn't a Wiz fan then). Who am I sleeping on? I remember folks like hands11 and twenty-eight but I don't think they post anymore. I know hands doesn't.
  10. Is there something they can do to counter that and return to the style and ways of the 80's? Maybe make the goal bigger? Or do people prefer hockey today?
  11. To completely flip the topic, been watching this new show Evolution of Evil. Mentioned it in the TV thread. Basically little one-hour mini biographies on the evil dictators of the 20th Century. Six episodes so far. In order... 1. Qaddaffi (no idea why they started with him) 2. Hitler 3. Stalin 4. Tojo 5. Mao 6. Saddam I'm sorry but Sadam might be the most evil man of the 20th Century. I mean don't get me wrong, the rest of those are some real pieces of ****, some monsters. But the **** they did, they did for a reason. I mean even the Holocaust had a longtime political doctrine behind
  12. I just don't get hockey. I don't get why Ovie is the first player and only player to score more than 60 goals in the 21st Century when it was done 25 times in the 80's and 90's. I asked a HUGE Caps fan I know (my Stepdad) why Gretzky almost scored 100 goals and now 50 is a big deal. He said back then the goalies wore **** for equipment, that they are so much better today. But last week, no lie, I was actually watching replays of Edmonton Finals games from the 80's on the NHL Network or whatever. Goalies didn't seem that much differently equipped then they are now. The game just seemed so much
  13. Just watching some documentary to kill some time before heading back out. Talking about the coming of the Age of the Bomber, starting with the civil war in Spain. Got to the Luftwaffe and said Goering ****ed up by thinking tactically with their bombers (smaller, dive bomber types, not the long-range, giant flying fortress types like you saw with the Allies) and not strategically. That's the context of the question. I mean I know what they're saying, just the wording threw me off
  14. That was all Abe Pollin, you know that. Knowing he wasn't long for this world and saying **** it, it's not going to work, it's a long shot at best, but it's our only shot. Abe gave us **** for years, that was a selfish move, but hey, he did so much for this city, single handedly revitalized an entire section of a small city (the city itself, not the larger metro area) and he told the GOAT to go **** himself to save the team. That was some balls. I'll never bash Abe. Not now anyway. But yeah, my interest in the Skins is the weakest it's been in my quarter-century of legit Fandom. I don't kn
  15. What's the difference between tactical and strategic?
  16. I remember about 2010 to last year, parents had a house where in the basement you could go out these sliding doors that led to this area under a deck. If there was a TV show that made people face their biggest fears head on (I'm sure that's been done and I'm just brain farting on the show) this would be THE perfect place for someone scared of spiders. I mean it was just Holy ****. So one time me and my brother are visitimg. My brother smokes weed, I can't stand it. But I'm just chilling with my brother and we decide that Spiderland would be the place FOR HIM to go to smoke in peace and we'll b
  17. You seriously haven't seen Clueless? Classic movie. And some semi-classic careers started there. Paul Rudd, Stacy Dash, Donald Faison (Brother from Scrubs) and Brittney Murphy (RIP)
  18. What...the...**** https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_Hat_Riot Love this part: Damn shame America is getting so dumb these days. Idiocracy
  19. Best mobile video games? I want something outside Candy Soda Crush and Angry Birds 2 (just came out, am enjoying, but really just now of the same). PC games for me: Civilization games, SimAnt, Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle (God what a great game), X-Wing and then X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, and then I absolutely LOVED the Sierra Front Page Sports football and baseball games. I wish I could meet someone who played those games. Platform: RPG and Action-Adventure games (think God of War). My favorite game ever and what I think is the best game ever: Chrono Trigger) So yeah, with all that
  20. So far that new show on A&E about rookie CO's just starting out their careers is--again, so far--the best, most realistic and informative show on prison life. I think it's called "Behind Bars". Ťhe only thing missing is and will always be the sadistic, sociopathic veteran CO's with the Personalities and emotional and mental makeups that made the SS and death camps possible. They're few and far between but their existence almost overrides everything and everyone else and sets the tone of life. They'd never agree to do the show if that would be shown. That said, they do show the douche r
  21. Got pulled over by VA State Trooper a few days ago. Was allegedly going 86 in my suped up Prius. He did me a solid just giving me a speeding instead of reckless. A reckless would seriously have ****ed me. Anyway point of this post. As known I probably have more experience with police and other authoritative agencies then anyone on this board. For the first time in my life--and it was the first words out of his mouth--I heard "Before we start, just want to inform you this interaction is being recorded by both audio and video". That's the only solutions to this ****. And the cops shouldn't h
  22. LOVED the Clips. What was the song they blew up? Can't j remember got ****. As far as Malice/No Malice. I'm not gonna hate. Do you man. You know what i bet it is with these gangsta rappers going Christian rap, they get an alcohol or drug problem, out partying every night, hit whatever their bottom is, end up hitting up AA/NA find God. Two biggest things in their life now are rap and God. Boom. No Malice. I think I've briefly mentioned my issues before. Funny. I feel more comfortable talking about being a coyote, prison and being a convicted felon than I do issues with drug addiction. I re
  23. Man just had a crazy adventure. Fun. A pre-technology, out-in-the-woods adventure. Just a stupid little thing: trying to get our cat inside (foxes and ****). I really think with all the world-altering technology, our kids and grandkids and so do on are gonna miss out on things like that and that make sad. It's the stupid ass-backkwards **** that make life funny and enjoyable. Technology makes it too easy and streamlined. **** they'll probably have remote control collars or some **** in five years. Press a button they have to come to your front door mat. Some **** like that. Was thinking
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