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Extremeskins: Whatever happened to....?


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This is a thread to ask questions about things that have dissapeared from this site over the years that were once considered mainstays of the website.

I will start with............

Whatever happened to "Blondie" ? She was an avid poster and tailgate organizer for Dallas away games. I haven't seen a post from her in a long time, but maybe it is because I have stuck mostly to the Stadium forums. She also used to make the gameday threads every week. Did she fall on some hard times or something?

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Blondie was banned for finally posting exactly and explicitly what she would like to do to Rock Cartwright. It crashed the profanity filter for 3 weeks.

Really, I know she posts on Om's board, but I don't know why she's so scarce here now...

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I like it because you can actually have a discussion about the team on a somewhat reasonable level. The Stadium around here is practically unusable.


I've been in there like a bad drug addiction lately. There has been one great thread consistently going and it has one star.

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MSF was always good for a laugh once you figured out that he was most likely mentally insane and nothing he said should be taken seriously. He got banned didn't he?

Sarge was on here for so long pushing militant right wing politics, I think he got banned too didn't he?

Blondie isn't around much anymore.

Who Del isn't around very much either.

In ATN Number5 is more scarce these days which is a shame cause he was a non-mentally insane Eagles fan. Certain Cowboys fans like Ken are around a little less as well.

There are a few more but I'm forgetting them.

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