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  1. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Help! Defaulted Student Loans (and other debt fun)

    They consolidated my loans at a doable $191/month. For a year. Then it goes up to over $1,000/month. Haha, alrighty then. Guess I have to reach back out to them. I'm not living in a cardboard box next year
  2. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Random Thought Thread

    I miss living in Charleston and being two minutes away from a Bojangles. Sooooo good.
  3. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    The natural aspects of this state are great. The people here suck and are such ****ed up individuals.
  4. Rdskn4Lyf21

    **** the Cowboys

    Parker with the buzzkill... SUCK A BAG OF FAT ONES DALLAS!! GO **** YOURSELVES!!
  5. Rdskn4Lyf21

    The Race to Black Monday 2020:

    Pettine is out too: http://www.wkyc.com/story/sports/nfl/browns/2016/01/03/cleveland-browns-fire-mike-pettine-ray-farmer/78240180/
  6. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Help! Defaulted Student Loans (and other debt fun)

    I'm a single, 29 year old knucklehead The idea is to pay off the credit cards one day. I'm just going to put them on the back burner until I have the means to do so. I was raised the same, so it's tough. I also saw my parents pay every bill on time and not miss a single thing for decades...only to be told to destroy their credit as the only means to get assistance in short selling a house. I couldn't go into detail there, but I'll never forget my mom cussing up a storm when they found out that doing the right thing all of those years ****ed them over.
  7. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Help! Defaulted Student Loans (and other debt fun)

    I will definitely keep a senator letter in my bad pocket in case everything else goes wrong These are the steps I'm taking currently. I just filled out and submitted my request for consolidation, so fingers crossed there. Come January I'll be making a budget. I've been at the point for the last three years where I've been scared to because there hasn't been anything left over. Stupid reasoning, I know. So much to be said there haha. Regardless, I'm in a position now to make much better decisions, and I'll be spreadsheeting and "app"ing the hell out of a budget. Do they look for any specific type of baby, or can I just go all out in the streets of South Florida and arrange them to pick up whatever results in 9 months? Thanks for the advice! My idea was just that with the credit cards...let them sit until I can save up lump sums and make an offer on settling them. I wish I truly understood how everything works with the student loans. I'm just another idiot who signed up at 18 because college was the thing to do. Grad school was a mistake haha. I submitted the consolidation based on income. I'm hoping I can get the payment down to something feasible and stick with it long enough to cash in on the loan forgiveness based on place of employment. Hell, a degree refund place would be awesome
  8. Hey guys, I'm finally at a point in life where I can start trying to get my financials straight. I did a great job ****ing things up I defaulted on student loans, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience either consolidating or going through a 3rd party to get back on track. I also have credit cards in collections, etc., and any advice there would be awesome as well. Right now I'm approaching consolidating the loans through FedLoan Servicing, but I want to keep my options open. Everything that I find through searches online looks like a scam. Thanks for any help!
  9. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Random Thought Thread

    It's beautiful haha. I wish there was an alternate ending with Butler succeeding. How'd it get a 25% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes??
  10. Rdskn4Lyf21

    **** the Cowboys

    Hahaha, a stupid NFL rule finally paid off. Go **** yourselves Dallas! **** you Jerruh. **** you Romo. **** you Spray Tan. **** you and your fat ass Christie.
  11. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Random Thought Thread

    The buffalo chicken strips at the cafeteria at my work are so damn good. It's a shame I hate my job
  12. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Random Thought Thread

    As a Blackhawks fan living in Charleston, SC I would kill to go to the game. Those prices make it hard through
  13. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Random Thought Thread

    Give me five dominant seasons with the name (and Super Bowl wins), and they can change it to whatever. Give me something to be proud of before I die
  14. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Random Thought Thread

    I thought that we were stuck in the gutter, buried by thousands of leaves, with only a few fleeting glimpses of sunlight very rarely shining through?
  15. Rdskn4Lyf21

    Random Thought Thread

    I had to watch yesterday's game without the benefit of my usual herbal "medication". That made it 100x times worse