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  1. just bc its been awhile, **** you cowpiles of puke
  2. **** all you stupid pukes fans, **** Dallass, **** Romo
  3. **** you Dallass and **** all the bandwagon fans out west who've never been to Dallas, or Texas for that matter
  4. hate that commercial! LOL. and I will make sure we put on another rockin Skins TG in Seattle.
  5. just bought my tickets to the Redskins v Seahawks game...but alway thinking- I need to save some $$ so I can fly out to DC for a home game one of these years.
  6. they are playing it on NFL network right now. should say most of it, kinda of going between games.
  7. this one shows the big screen at the stadium right now... this one is working so far, Joey T chatty on there at the moment. but when going to full screen, its a little blurred. yes, and has a better resolution for full screen on my monitor.
  8. **** you stupid pukes. and **** your fans for thinking they just won the superbowl last night. Its a preseason game you douchebags!
  9. That site doesn't list any of the football games, didn't last night either. I normally use this for Caps Hockey and pre season football (have DTV Sunday ticket for regular season) This looks to be good so far, guess we'll know for sure in a couple hours. The specific link for the Redskins game is: http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/78219/1/watch-pittsburgh-steelers-vs-washington-redskins.html
  10. Lol- I read all these posts. You guys haven't changed, I love it. My new job for the last year keeps me way too busy to dink around ES. Gonna have to make it a point to check in more often. And no, not dating a 59 yr old, I'm sure she is nice though. Lol Btw- if we do have football this year I'll make sure there is a badass tailgate party at the Seattle game
  11. Kinda Missin Extremeskins....
  12. At an arena football game. Spokane Shock vs Dallas Vigilante. **** any dallass team and **** the cowboys
  13. I'm having trouble w/ atdhe- but this is working... http://www.justin.tv/streamsportslive120#/w/332883040t
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