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  1. I'm 26 and I grew up in a household where we didn't have cable TV. There was broadcast, sure and we watched some shows here and there, but the television was not really the center of entertainment in our household in the way that I noticed it was with, say, my friends at school. My dad always saw it as an unnecessary expense. He always said "you're paying for commercials and 90% of the channels are special interest things you probably don't have much of an interest in." I still agree with that sentiment, and television has always been the sort of thing I could take or leave. It isn't where
  2. From all of my experiences with this crap (and no, I don't have time to elaborate), it is the worst of both worlds. That is to say, it neither brings the actual admirable aspects of socialized health care, or the useful aspects of free-market health care. It's a disgusting merger of bureaucracy and corporate health care. It's such a ****ing disaster, and since they neither changed enough by implementing it but changed just enough to somehow create a system most people dislike even more than the prior one, I'm totally looking forward to the day when this stuff all goes away. Either go a full me
  3. Works with the next generation as well.
  4. Its nice to see the Chinese seem content to let the North Koreans stew in the crap they've been stirring up. The Bank of China cut off their business with the North Koreans just a few days ago.
  5. Guys, in NBA2K13 I developed Jan Vesely into the white Shaq, so clearly he has great potential!
  6. This just is: cross dressing guy whose only talent in life was jumping up and grabbing a ball out of the air better than everybody else caught preaching in hotel bar about how the dictator of a totalitarian government which has been perpetually at war since 1950 is actually a really great guy.
  7. If you're going to replace what is already there, I mean terraced levels rather than one wall. Typically when one makes a retaining wall, they level everything leading up to it. Putting down one wall would leave a hillside and then a small retaining wall at the bottom, or you would have a gigantic wall multiple feet high which must be back filled with dirt to match the level of the ground in front of your house. Neither option is appealing. If you made two straight walls extending to the outer portion of the existing mulch bed you could get some extra soil and fill/level the space for each te
  8. I did landscaping for 7 years, and did pretty much every job imaginable. It isn't difficult to stack stones like that, but it's an extremely difficult and time crafted skill to make it look excellent. Furthermore, I wouldn't recommend a wall such as that as a retainer against very much earth, or in an area that gets a lot of fast drainage in a storm. That isn't to say that a stacked stone wall won't work in the area you're talking about, but from my experience there are better alternatives. On top of that I don't think it would look as nice as it could. Dry stacks are best left to encircle a m
  9. I tried Sam Adams Alpine Spring the other night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a massive fan of a bunch of German/Belgian wheat beers along with other varieties, so it was somewhat up my alley. It's funny, I like to trips with my cousin down to Philly to go to one of the German bars down there, since they keep stuff I love on tap. Recently however I've been stuck in my local area which only carries local/American/microbrew stuff. I do however live down the road from a Sam Adams brewery. It's always cheap and on special around here, and I gotta say I've developed a love for Sam Adams as my
  10. Korean War, 60 year ceasefire with no peace treaty, crazy people caught in personality cult, all in on weapons programs, sanctions on weapons program, US is devil and S. Korea is devil number 2. Was that 50 or fewer?
  11. We should schedule a random test of our anti-missile defense systems for the same period the Koreans schedule their test of a missile which could hit the U.S. Afterwards we should schedule a test launch for all the Nuclear Submarines we have lurking in the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea, East China Sea, etc.
  12. Yeah, I thought he was just going to hold on to it and stand still until the clock ran out, like some sort of colossal moron.
  13. Ahahahaha I was actually hoping that Nene would take a shot. :silly:
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