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  1. Gotcha. Yeah, get a FireStick and you'll have your traditional guide that you're used to. Makes it so much better.
  2. Ah gotcha. I can't remember if the Apple TV has the guide update or not. Once they updated the guide, it made it much more user-friendly, IMO.
  3. What do you watch Sling on? The Guide on the FireTV and FireStick looks just like a regular TV guide.
  4. Are those part of the Movie Package?
  5. I'm about 50 miles South of DC. So it's tough to pick up much with an antenna where I am. I've looked into some that are good for a 75 mile range, so I may give it a shot and see what I can pick up. There's definitely plenty of options now. I've been following along with YouTube TV because they do have all of the major networks, but they don't have as large of a channel selection as Sling. There's really no reason to keep shelling out $100+/month for cable or satellite anymore.
  6. Do you just have Sling Blue or Blue + Orange? We have Blue + Orange. It's been really nice. When I cancelled DTV, my bill was $82 and going up to $130. They offered me $100 to stay and I said no thanks. So I'm basically saving $45/month on what DirecTV was charging me and I'm getting a few channels that I lost with DirecTV when I downgraded our package. Also do CBS All-Access. It's nice, but the thing that bothers me is the picture quality isn't the greatest. Every other app has great looking video, but CBS is lacking. But for $6/month to have access to local CBS that I can't get w
  7. Yes, Sling uses your billing address for local channels. I would imagine the NFL games on local channels would not be blacked out. And a nice bonus is that you can get the RedZone channel on Sling. I've been using Sling for about a month now and outside of not being able to watch MASN, I haven't really missed DirecTV.
  8. Love that Sessions had to denounce the KKK during his confirmation hearing today. What a time to be alive!
  9. What up! I came back for the Froggy Fresh vids!
  10. Glad to see you guys have kept it going! I'll try to hang around here more. Missed some of you guys!
  11. Figured you guys missed me, so had to pop in!
  12. Have you guys noticed in your profile it tells you how many days you've won?
  13. I have the Echo Dot and think it's pretty useful. Haven't used to full potential yet, but I like it.
  14. So where's the uproar over the guy holding the flag during the Anthem last night while texting?
  15. Wow that's gotta be the lowest he's ever graded him!
  16. But it seems like whenever people disagree with him, he gets so upset and goes on a rant. I mean 90% of the people that call into sports talk shows are idiots anyway, but Cooley needs to not freak out when people don't agree with him. Curious to hear what his grade is for Cousins if anyone is listening
  17. Hope you do it at home when you're watching TV and it's on
  18. Heard Cooley got upset with callers yesterday for criticizing the Skins' play and wanted to stop taking calls. Why is he still on the radio?
  19. Your freedom of speech only applies when it coincides with what I believe in, got it? As for the "O" during the Anthem, I agree. I only yell it at O's games. Seems silly to hear people yell it during a Redskins game. It's just funny to me that people get so uptight over this. Kap gave a great response to Trent Dilfer's ignorant crap last night. Dilfer basically said that Kap should be quiet because he's a backup QB and they're job is to be quiet. To which Kap responded perfectly: “I just heard briefly about it. But I think that’s one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve heard. T
  20. This is interesting and something I've thought of lately. How many people that don't like what Kap is doing also say "O" or "Red" during the Anthem at the local games?
  21. Steinberg still saying the Skins have no plans to wear a Color Rush jersey this year
  22. Sure why not. What's the difference? The Anthem is the Anthem.
  23. My point is if you're criticizing the players for not standing, you better be standing.
  24. They showed the Anthem before numerous games yesterday. Including SNF. So everyone that's taking issue with the players not standing and what not, I hope they stopped stuffing their faces and stood for the Anthem.
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