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  1. 1) How are they not properly vetted? We've accepted over 2,000 Syrian refugees over the last 3 years. We accepted 70,000 refugees just last year. No Excuses posted a chart showing the amount of arrests of refugees for domestic terror since 9/11. Spoiler: ZERO have been arrested. 2) It's an 18-24 month process for refugees to come here. They first have to apply to the UN to even become a refugee. Then, the UN decides who qualifies to become a refugee. They are then recommend to other countries for resettlement. After that, the US runs multiple checks from the DoD, DoS, DHS, and FBI. The refugees meet with a member of the DHS for multiple interviews and the DHS person decides whether or not they get to come into the US. This isn't some process where people from Syria are just showing up at the door and saying let us in. It's a very stringent process they have to go through and by all accounts, the current process seems to be working pretty well.
  2. You can always root your Android phone as well. Basically, it gives you admin rights to your phone. Think of it as your work computer. Certain things are locked on your computer, unless you have admin rights. That's how your phone is until you root it. Similar to jailbreaking an iPhone. Admittedly, I've never jailbroken and iPhone before, but have rooted Android phones before and it's a pretty easy process.
  3. With Android, there's just alot more you can do to make your phone feel different. For one, your screens don't just have to be filled with every app you download or folders full of apps you don't use. If you don't like your theme? Download a new one. Don't like your launcher? Download a new one. Don't like the stock app icons? Download new ones. Want to see a snap shot of your messages without having to open the app? Put the widget on the home screen. Just little things like that can make your phone feel more unique than with an iPhone. And saying all that, I switched from Android to iPhone recently. I definitely miss being able to make the phone feel different than every one elses.
  4. These charts put the US response to Syrian refugees in context: it's pitifully small
  5. Yup. Now all of a sudden they are worried about the poor and homeless in this country.
  6. Since 2012, we've let in 2,144 Syrian refugees. In that time, there's been about 4 million Syrian refugees. So we've brought in .000536% of the total Syrian refugees. Another perspective, just last year, we brought in 70,000 refugees from all different countries. What you need to know about Syrian refugees
  7. Not trying to put words in your mouth. But it's just funny to me that people are suddenly worried about helping the homeless and poor, when they (not necessarily you, Steve) are opposed to them otherwise.
  8. See, my issue with that argument is when it's made at any other time of the year, people bring up entitlements. They don't want to fund welfare and all that stuff. But talk about bringing in refugees and suddenly that's their argument. I read that in 2012, a single refugee in Florida is given $180/month. We're not giving these refugees much. And for your last sentence, I'd advise you to look at No Excuses chart.
  9. America was founded on the right to Religious Freedom and getting away from oppression. So what are we doing now? Trying to force religion on those that believe in something different and turning away people trying to flee from oppression.
  10. I feel like Kirk Cousins whenever I like a post now. It shows, "You like this" lol
  11. Decided to take a quick listen to the Junkies this morning to see if things are easier to listen to since we're winning. I made a horrible mistakes. First part was EB talking about how Louis Riddick/Charley Casserly both think Cousins will end up being an average QB/backup in the league. Shockingly EB says he could be an average QB and he would love that. Huh? So we're cool with having an average QB? Yes, I know it's been awhile since we've had an average QB, but don't we want more than that? Then, EB tried to tell JP that the Cowboys have had more offensive weapons to work with this season than the Redskins. He said Jordan Reed has missed half the season. Um, Reed has missed 2 out of a possible 9 games this season. On what planet is 2 half of 9? And as much as I hate the Cowboys, their offense has had some losses. Romo has been out since Week 2, Dez missed 6 games, their starting RB for the season isn't even on the team anymore, and their 3rd down back is out for the year. Yes, we've been without DJax for most of the year, but the other guys have been relatively healthy outside of the 2 games Reed missed. EB has to be the most annoying radio personality in the area.
  12. Maybe Eli is a tad overrated, but the Giants could easily have 3 or 4 more wins. They've lost 4 games now when leading after the 2 minute warning. That's crazy.
  13. Had the New Belgium/Ben & Jerry's Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale last night. Pretty solid. A little on the heavy side, but definitely good flavor.
  14. Pac was the one that immediately came to mind when I saw the list
  15. Billboard's Top 10 Rappers of All-Time: 10. Lil Wayne 9. Kendrick Lamar 8. Ghostface Killah 7. Lauryn Hill 6. Andre 3000 5. Nas 4. Rakim 3. Eminem 2. Jay Z 1. Biggie Discuss...
  16. Charlie Sheen plans 'personal announcement,' is reportedly HIV positive
  17. How is going over the salary cap when there is no salary cap cheating? And the league approved it! Yes, we knew what we were doing, but it wasn't against any rules, just the "spirit" of them.
  18. Paging ix, paging ix! "It sounds like Capitals and Wizards fans might be eating a whole lot of free McDonald’s this season. In a promotion first advertised on 106.7 The Fan’s “The Sports Junkies,” the deal is this: Download the restaurant’s app and if either team is winning after one period or quarter, you get a free Egg McMuffin. That’s…different."
  19. Even threw in his own new move lol the "broken leg"
  20. The Whip, Nae Nae video to end all Whip, Nae Nae videos:
  21. And I'm really happy they came back and won. I'm just not going to throw them a parade for beating the Bucs. Who have also given up 42 to the Titans and Mariota earlier this year. Good game by Kirk regardless of the opponent. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  22. Lol I kind of agree. It was still a nice comeback win. Something this team hasn't shown it's capable of before. But yes, it's the Bucs. The 31st ranked scoring defense in the league. I'm not surprised we beat them. Surprised in how we beat them, but it was a game most though we could win to begin with. Kirk played well, don't get me wrong. But let's see him doing it against good teams and do it consistently. You'd think we just won the Super Bowl.
  23. Kirk played well yesterday, but people need to pump the brakes a tad. There's talk in the Stadium that he deserves a 3yr extension now lol. We all know Kirk can have games like yesterday, his problem has been he can't put together games like that consistently. Let's see him keep doing this before we crown him. Same goes for people in the Stadium trying to pretend like the Bucs aren't a bad team. They've now allowed 30+ in 4 of their 6 games. Their defense isn't anything special. It is totally fine to say Kirk played well yesterday and the Bucs aren't good.