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  1. So Shanny gets credit for good drafts, but selecting Robert wasn't his call. Yeah, okay. How you guys listen to Sheehan is beyond me.
  2. That's the big issue with NFL games. There's no way you can take kids anymore. I remember going to my first Skins game when I was 5. No chance I'd take my daughter to a game at that age. Between the cost and the unfamily friendly environment, there's not really a good reason for me to go to an NFL game.
  3. Again, how many former coaches of teams with an awful record of 24-40, are held in such high regard among the local media?
  4. Had a tile guy come look at it today. He's been doing tiling for 30+ years. He doesn't seem to think I need any layer underneath it. I've read things that said yes and no. But he was saying since it's not a floor and it's not like there will be much weight on it at all, that I shouldn't have any problems.
  5. It's a bar top that is made of sub floor 3/4" plywood. Sorry for the confusion!
  6. We still don't really know how long Dez is out. Some yesterday were saying 10-12 on and others were saying 6-8. Dez tweeted yesterday saying that 10-12 is not correct. So who really knows who long he's out for at this point. For Tony (refuse to give it to the stupid thing where it changes his name), the last time he had this injury he was out 8 weeks I believe. Probably a similar time frame. Possible he and Dez could return around the same time. But yes, division is wide open right now. Taking the next 2 against the Giants and Eagles would be a huge boost of confidence to not long the team, but us fans as well.
  7. Rams are the model of inconsistency. Yes, the Redskins looked good, but let's see what they do the next 2 weeks against the Giants and Eagles. If they can win both of those, I'll fully be on board. This team has gotten my hopes up so much over the past few years, that I've conditioned myself to not get too excited about 1 win. Especially this early in the season.
  8. Certainly a strange combo. It's not terrible, but it's definitely not one of my favorite pumpkin beers. It's like a weird mix of summer (with the lemon taste) and fall (with the pumpkin taste).
  9. So anyone here ever done any tiling before? Doing a bar top and want to know if I can just tile right over the plywood (it's a subfloor) or if I need cement backer board or something similar down over top. I've heard different stories and I'm not sure which one is right. Since it's a bar top, I don't think I'd have problems with the plywood expanding/contracting, especially since the plywood is framed around by oak boards.
  10. Sting’s Injury At Night Of Champions Was ‘Significant’ And Could Be Career-Threatening
  11. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! Gotta get the Cap Cod one's though. Seriously, I can devour an entire bag of these in a matter of minutes. Soooooooooooooo good!!
  12. You picture has already been sent to the team security. You're now banned from all team events. We did it for your own good.
  13. How about you stop going to the Draft Day party from now on then
  14. Lol of course Cooley would think Cousins played well
  15. Just finished up Bram's podcast. Pretty solid. Nice little mix of sports, news, etc. Definitely worth a listen.
  16. Downloaded last night and listening now. So far so good
  17. It's not as sweet to me. Seems a bit more drinkable and I like Not Your Father's
  18. Coney Island Root Beer is way better than Not Your Father's Root Beer
  19. Had some over the weekend as well. Really liked it alot.
  20. I'm all for standing up for what you believe in, but you also have to do your job. So either she needs to find another job or perform the job she is assigned to do.
  21. Yeah, but why would they place the real blame on the guy no one knows? It's way more fun to put everything on McCloughan.
  22. Exactly. This whole appeal and case, wasn't about whether Brady did it or not, it was about the NFL making up **** on the fly. It's funny how so many people try and cover for this league. Just like in the Concussion movie thread. I don't get it. The NFL is becoming a joke. If it wasn't for fantasy football, I wouldn't pay near as much attention to is as I do.
  23. And I wasn't taking a slight at Tony. He's the only one worth listening to on 980. But he really doesn't focus on sports like the rest of the shows, so it makes it easier to listen to.
  24. That's because he barely talks about sports