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  1. Guys are slipping in here. New Froggy!
  2. Yes, but that's only to buy them. Can't just watch once for cheaper
  3. Hard fought game from the Terps last night. As a Heels fan, I was nervous in the 2nd half, especially when MD took the lead about half way through. They're going to be a tough team to play the rest of the way. The early turnover hurt them, but they shot the ball really well. Sulaimon is going to be a big boost to this team come tournament time.
  4. Read some recaps this morning. Doesn't sound good.
  5. I think he goes back to college. Which one? Not sure yet, but I just think he's a much better fit in college than the NFL.
  6. I don't think Chip is going to be in the NFL next season, let alone with the Eagles
  7. Nah. If it was a BS clone, there would be at least 1 diss of the Nats. This guy was posting in the Nats thread.
  8. So what former banned poster is BornaSkinsFan?
  9. It's not a beer I could sit around and drink a sixer of. It's a nice beer to have on a cold night.
  10. They're favored by 1 at home. Which is probably about right for them since they get to play at home on a short week. When you think about it, usually the home team is giving 3 points. Dallas is only giving 1, so Vegas still likes the Panthers.
  11. It's funny because none of the Paris attackers so far have been from Syria. This is all coming from them finding a fake Syrian Passport on one of them. Most of them were Belgium or French nationals.
  12. Religious Freedom to them means they can practice their religion freely, wherever and whenever they want. It doesn't mean people from other religions can do the same.
  13. So maybe he doesn't "want" to, but he sure as hell didn't say he didn't want to.
  14. Um, now he wants to put all Muslim Americans in database so they can be tracked. Any other person would be getting crushed in polls for what he says. For some reason, the dumber **** he says, the better his numbers look. It's really scary.
  15. I'm kinda surprised it took this long
  16. Exactly. It's much easier for them to get into Europe than it is here.
  17. I was never able to root my Moto X because the bootloader was never unlocked. I'm not sure why they make it so difficult either. It's your phone, you should be able to do with it what you want.
  18. It's been 10,000 for awhile now. Since 2012, we've taken in 2,144 total Syrian refugees. Here's a comparison of what we're doing and what the rest of the world is doing: These charts put the US response to Syrian refugees in context: it's pitifully small
  19. What are we talking here? Total refugees? Last year we're brought in 70,000 refugees. Think they would all still fit in the tarped off version of FedEx. Total Syrian refugees? Looking at about 10,000.
  20. Are you going to be housing homeless veterans too, or nah?
  21. Sure. Or I wouldn't be opposed to having a shelter set up and volunteering to help the people. Though, I fail to see what that has to be with being humane
  22. Oh they care, but only when they can use it to drive home their agenda