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  1. Lol. It only took one game for someone to start complaining about the refs.
  2. Miami's title was in '05-'06 not '06-'07. Shaq only played 4 playoff games in the season following the championship because the team only played 4 games. The Heat were swept by the Bulls that year. You're right though about the Heat not getting to claim him and that's ok. We're more than happy with Alonzo.
  3. From that group I'd drop Isiah, add Bird, and let LBJ match up with Magic. 1. Magic vs Lebron 2. Jordan vs Kobe 3. Bird vs Worthy 4. Duncan vs Baylor 5. Hakeem vs Kareem
  4. Whole new meaning to 'In your face'- http://dc.sbnation.com/washington-wizards/2012/1/16/2711644/chandler-parsons-dunk-javale-mcgee-video
  5. So true. I bet this ump won't be signing autographs for the fans tomorrow.
  6. I'm lovin' seeing all of the ladies. A little more gender diversity has been pretty badly needed 'round here.
  7. Guys prefer chicks who don't use them.
  8. Just what the world needs....more lawyers. I kid, I kid! Congrats to the both of you for a job obviously well done. Now, it looks like it's time to get out of the library and work on your tans.
  9. As Joe Gibbs would say: Nice job, son. You out-kicked your coverage!
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