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  1. I'm in the FedEx parking lot on an iPad....is there a link anyone has to stream the ravens colts game?
  2. From Ball Hogs Radio...tons of quotes: http://www.ballhogsradio.com/2012/12/30/redskins-vs-cowboys-rivalry-quotes/
  3. Bad move by the Redskins business wise. They finally released them for the fat boys like me. I was about to plop down the $330 for one last night but decided I'd wait to see if we wear them again. Since it appears we will only wear them once I will not buy it now. On the flip side I understand players can be superstitious and I want them just to wear what they are comfortable in I guess.
  4. I thought the Brock/Cena match was real fun. It was so strange, left you with that wondering if they are shooting or not. But honestly, who thought Cena would lose to two returning stars within a month.
  5. I come on this site on my laptop everynight before I go to bed around this time. This is the most people I think I've ever seen on the site at this time on a weekday that's not after a Skins MNF game. Tonight and this feeling is just simply awesome.
  6. Wrestlemania was awesome as an attendee. The Daniel Bryan YES! chants started slow and early in the parking lot....had no idea what it would gradually turn into in the next 30 hours... And also I think HHH is dead...
  7. Got my faded ass Austin 3:16 shirt on. Let's do this thing! #TeamBringIt #BootsToAsses
  8. RAW before WM usually sucks....they all mail it in making sure not to get injured.
  9. Flight to Miami in the am... I'm ****ing pumped to be going to Wrestlemania for the fist time. Staying on South Beach and taking a limo to the show Nature Boy Style. Rumors of Batista or Lesnar showing up too.
  10. I agree. All the matches were pretty sick on this one, Benoit and Angle was awesome.
  11. Just recently decided to watch every Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, Survivor Series, and Royal Rumble in order of broadcast. I have most of the dvds anyways and have always wanted to do it. You probably won't hear it very much but...Wrestlemania 1 and 2 were horrible haha. The announcing was awful and the celebrity involvement was actually 10 times worse than what they try to do today. These happened when I was too young and don't remember them at all....Hell, Hogan slammed Andre when I was only 5 years old. Wrestlemania 3 was pretty good though....except the midget match....
  12. I bought floor tickets to WM 28 a couple months ago....kind of a bucket list thing for me. If Jericho and Lesnar both find their way on the card I'm going to go crazy.
  13. I didn't think so, but I did find it interesting that they are selling this Orakpo jersey on the NFL website. Looks similar to our 75th anniversary jerseys. http://www.nflshop.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11862628&cp=2237521&pageType=family&parentPage=family
  14. Lockout inadvertently kept me from this site for a couple months. Crazy.
  15. Actually the only parts of the show I hate are the actual reality show type parts like filming them all living together in the house getting into arguments.
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