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If you HAD to wear 1 of the prep designer brands which would it be?


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None of the above.

I have one pair of shorts from Hollister (Camo khakis) and one pair from American Eagle (Swim Trunks).

I wear nothing else from those stores.

Just not my style. Nothing wrong with it, though.

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Yeah, it's great. Filene's basement, too.

Don't have those out here but the malls themselves are getting hit so hard that certain stores have interesting sales. Picked up 2 pairs of Levi's for under $50 when they were normally close to $40 per.

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All those stores are horrible. Never been a fan, when I was in High School I had some AE stuff but it all fell apart.

Now my closet consists of Polo, Lacoste and Under Armour. The only t-shirts i buy are Under Armour shirts, all the other shirts I get from liquor and beer reps since I bartend.

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Funny I take my kids their. Some of these stores are owned by the same parent company. The clothes are cheaply made and overpriced. I once bought my daughter some stupid flip flops in one of the above listed stores (lets say they were $20). They had the SAME EXACT flip flops in another one of the stores listed (only with a different silly logo) for $15. They were identical. Neither was a sale. Both had the same parent company. I guess one brand was cooler than the other, if anyone looked close enough at the wings on the flip flops.

It's low quality clothing at high prices, but who am I to say no to my daughter.

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